Monday, October 21, 2019

How To Make Your Husband Happy | Prepare For Him Good Meals | Time Honored Tips

How To Make Your Husband Happy | Prepare For Him Good Meals | Time Honored Tips 

How To Make Your Husband Happy | Prepare For Him Good Meals | Time Honored Tips

A hungry husband cares more for a good dinner than he does for other tings—as long as his appetite is unappeased he is satisfied—to listen to the music of the spheres.

Heavy bread has made many heavy hearts, given rise to dyspepsia—horrid dyspepsia—and its herd of accompanying torments.

Girls who desire that their husbands should be amiable and kind, should learn how to make good bread.

When a young man is courting, he can live well at home; or, if he has to go a distance to pay his addresses, he usually obtains good meals at an hotel or an eating-house; but when he is married and gets to housekeeping, his wife assumes the functions of his mother or his landlord, and it is fortunate for her if she has been educated so as to know what a good table is.

Those who are entirely dependent upon hired cooks make a very poor show at housekeeping. The stomach performs a very important part in the economy of humanity, and wives who are forgetful of this fact commit a serious mistake.

You know full well that most young men—and most young women, too—are desirous of marrying and having a family; but they do not sufficiently consider that it is God who gives them this desire, and that for the wisest of purposes; not only that this world may be peopled, but also that its inhabitants may be prepared for heaven.

Nothing is more certain than that marriage affords the fairest opportunities for preparing for a better world.

In it we have others dearer than ourselves to think about and provide for; and in doing so, we have often to practice that very useful virtue, self-denial.

Let me here impress upon you most deeply, that it is only by making others happy that we can become happy ourselves.

The angels, we may be assured, are happy, because they are always actively good; and for a similar reason it is that God himself is infinitely happy. If you try to secure you own happiness by any other means than a faithful discharge of your duty to God and your neighbor, you will certainly fail.

Excerpt From The Ladies Book Of Useful Information.