Monday, November 4, 2019

Easy Home Natural Remedies For Dry Skin | Moisture Control And Management

Easy Home Natural Remedies For  Dry Skin | Moisture Control And Management

Easy Home Natural Remedies For  Dry Skin | Moisture Control And Management.

A lot of women find that their skin becomes dry after reaching their mid thirties.

This may be a welcome change for those who suffered from oily skin earlier in life, but women with normal or dry skin may find that their skin appears scaly, tight, while losing its glowing appearance.

Dry skin is caused not only by the loss of moisture from the outer layer of the skin, but also from lack of moisture moving up from the underlying layers of the skin.

Applying moisturizers helps to soften and moisturize the top layer of skin, however this effect is only temporary.

To have soft, supple, moist skin, you need to lubricate your skin from the inside.

Drink at least six glasses of pure water every day and eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep your body tissues hydrated.

Do not wait to drink until you are thirsty because by then you are already dehydrated. Instead, keep a container of water handy to sip throughout the day.

If you find the taste of water unpleasant, try to make herbal tea without sugar or use ingredients like  linden flower, chamomile, or mint to spice your water.

Moist external environment also provide moisture for your skin.

Use a humidifier during the winter to counteract the drying effects of indoor heating and also during the summer if you use air conditioning or if you live in a dry climate.

Apply a moist drizzle to your skin frequently with pure mineral water or a facial mist containing water and  aromatherapy essential oils.

This will help to provide a direct and refreshing boost of moisture to your skin throughout the day.

Soaking yourself in warm water is an effective way of hydrating the skin  over your whole body.

Avoid water that is too hot, because it can eliminate protective oils from your skin.

After 15 minutes of soaking, massage your body with aromatherapy oils while you are still wet from the shower, and then gently pat your skin dry with a towel.

A thin layer of aromatherapy oil acts as a protective barrier that helps to  prevent the evaporation of moisture that your skin has absorbed from the warm bath.