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Why You Should Get Lumineers | Your Smile As A Work Of Art

Why You Should Get Lumineers | Your Smile As A Work Of Art

Why You Should Get Lumineers | Your Smile As A Work Of Art

Do you ever think about your smile as a work of art? cosmetic dentists often do, as they strive to create the perfectly proportioned smile.

"I believe there is an ideal proportion to teeth in the most naturally beautiful smile," says David Nusblatt, a dentist in Manhattan who often uses Lumineers to perfect his patients smile.

Dentists like Nusblatt are increasingly adopting Lumineers as the procedure of choice over traditional veneers.

Lumineers, made from patented cerinate porcelain, are painless and minimally invasive. The procedure, which only requires two visits to the dentist, does not require anesthesia or numbing shots.

Unlike Lumineers, traditional veneers involve drilling or grinding of teeth. The process of applying traditional veneers also involves patients receiving general anesthesia and painkillers after the procedure while they are recovering.

"Lumineers allow me to create a balanced and perfect smile for every face that is unique in the most minimally invasive way," reports Dr.  Nusblatt.

Lumineers have been proven to last for up to 20 years. In most cases, they leave the original teeth intact, making the procedure completely reversible.

"I went through life very self conscious about my teeth and smile," says Ben. "From an early age I had a very large gap. With Lumineers I obtained a beautiful smile in an instant. I was so amazed with the results, and to top it off, the procedure only took 40 minutes."

Lumineers, named as one of the top 10 dental products to search for can be used over crowns and worn teeth to prevent further wear. In some cases, they can also be a convenient substitute for braces.

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