Time And Eternity - A Book Of Jewish Thoughts

Time And Eternity - A Book Of Jewish Thoughts


GOD, the Source of life, has placed in our nature the blessed hope of immortality, by which we may console ourselves for the vanity of life, and overcome the dread of death. If thou art in truth of the higher sphere, why should the thought of leaving this lower region trouble thee? Especially since the very pleasures which thou seekest on earth are, in reality, but briars and thorns. Therefore seek them not. But what shouldst thou do? This: Use thy time as thou wouldst a doubtful companion: extract the good and avoid the evil. Avail thyself of the few opportunities of improvement in his company, and use thy discretion so that thou mayest suffer no injury from thy association with him. And remember that the companionship of time is but of short duration. It flies more quickly than the shades of evening. We are like a child that grasps in his hand a sunbeam. He opens his hand soon again, but, to his amazement, finds it empty and the brightness gone.
YEDAYA PENINI, 14th cent.

WHATSOEVER thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.

ACCUSTOM thyself to complete any good work thou hast undertaken.


Excerpt From A Book of Jewish Thoughts By Joseph Herman Hertz