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How To Clean And Wash Your Face Naturally To Prevent Acne And Reduce Wrinkles | Time Honored Tips

How To Clean And Wash Your Face Naturally To Prevent Acne And Reduce Wrinkles | Time Honored Tips 

How To Clean And Wash Your Face Naturally To Prevent Acne And Reduce Wrinkles

A good old stand-by query is about the simple matter of keeping one’s face clean. There is no manner of doubt but that the hard water which we have in the cities is responsible for many complexion ills, and that we must not use it too generously upon our complexions if we long for the colors of the rose and the lily in our cheeks. 

There is nothing in the world so excellent as rain-water for the skin, but it’s a great bulging problem as to how those of us who live in yardless flats and apartments can manage to catch the elusive rain-drops. 

We might as well hope to lasso an electric car and hitch it onto our back porches for the babies to play in, I think. When city people persist in telling others to wash their faces in rain-water and thus secure beauty everlasting and glorious, I always have a mental picture of a frantic lady with golden locks a-streaming and her eyes brimful of wildness, rushing madly down the street with basins and things in her outstretched hands. 

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It’s all right if one has rain-barrels or cisterns, but, after years of perspiring and nerve-sizzling flat hunting, I have failed to find apartments provided with either of these luxuries. With folding beds built in the sleeping apartments and steam radiators with real steam in them, the landlords feel that their duties are done.

But to return to our muttons. Those who cannot have real rain-water should use the harder brand sparingly on their faces. 

A thorough scrubbing at night before going to bed is an absolute necessity, lest the pores of the skin become clogged with the smoke and dust of our murky atmosphere. A little castile soap and a camel’s-hair face brush will assist the cleansing operation. To soften the water, I would advise the following delightful lotion:

Four ounces of alcohol
One ounce ammonia
One dram oil of lavender

One teaspoonful to a large basin of water is sufficient. To keep the skin free from harshness and on unpleasant terms with wrinkles and turkey tracks, a little pure cold cream should be used. 

If, in the morning, the skin has not absorbed all the oils of the cream, then wipe away with a cloth just slightly moistened. When at other times the face needs washing, let me suggest that this toilet milk be used. It is also excellent to apply before fluffing powder over the cheeks:

Milk of violets:

Cucumber juice, boiled and cooled, one ounce.
Spirit of soap, one ounce.
Rose-water or orange flower water, four ounces.

By remembering that there are two tablespoonfuls to the ounce, the measuring will not be at all difficult. If one wishes a stronger perfume add a few drops of violet extract. Whether rose-water or orange flower be used is left to one’s own choice. They are equally excellent for the skin.

Excerpt From – Woman Beautiful By Helen Follett Stevans

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