Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Jewish Soldier | A Poem

The Jewish Soldier | A Poem


MOTHER England, Mother England, ’mid the thousands
Far beyond the sea to-day,
Doing battle for thy honour, for thy glory,
Is there place for us, a little band of brothers?
England, say!
Long ago and far away, O Mother England,
We were warriors brave and bold;
But a hundred nations rose in arms against us,
And the shades of exile closed o’er those heroic
Days of old.
Thou hast given us home and freedom, Mother England,
Thou hast let us live again,
Free and fearless, ’midst thy free and fearless children,
Sharing with them, as one people, grief and gladness,
Joy and pain.
For the Jew has heart and hand, our Mother England,
And they both are thine to-day—
Thine for life and thine for death—yea, thine for ever!
Wilt thou take them as we give them, freely, gladly?
England, say!

Excerpt From A Book of Jewish Thoughts By Dr.  J H. Hertz

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