General Directions And Rules For Baking Cakes | Homemade | Kosher Diet Food Recipe

General Directions And Rules For Baking Cakes | Homemade |  Kosher Diet Food Recipe


Make sure the oven is in condition, it can better wait for the cake than the other way around.
Light your gas oven five or ten minutes before needed and reduce heat accordingly when cake is put in oven.
For the coal range, have the oven the right temperature and do not add coal or shake the coals while cake is baking.
If a piece of soft yellow paper burns golden brown in five minutes the oven is moderately hot; if it takes four minutes the oven is hot, if seven minutes is required the oven is fit for slow baking.
Sponge cakes require a slow oven; layer cakes a hot oven, and loaf cakes with butter a moderate oven.
Never look after your cake until it has been in the oven ten minutes.
If cake is put in too cool an oven it will rise too much and be of very coarse texture. If too hot, it browns and crusts over the top before it has sufficiently risen. If, after the cake is put in, it seems to bake too fast, put a brown paper loosely over the top of the pan, and do not open the oven door for five minutes at least; the cake should then be quickly examined and the door carefully shut, or the rush of cold air will cause it to fall. Setting a small dish of hot water in the oven will also prevent the cake from scorching.
When you think your cake is baked, open the oven door carefully so as not to jar, take a straw and run it through the thickest part of the cake, and if the straw comes out perfectly clean and dry your cake is done. When done, take it out and set it where no draft of air will strike it, and in ten minutes turn it out on a flat plate or board.
Do not put it in the cake box until perfectly cold. Scald out the tin cake box each time before putting a fresh cake in it. Make sure it is air-tight. Keep in a cool place, but not in a damp cellar or a refrigerator.

Excerpt From The International Jewish Cook Book By Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

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