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Butter Cakes - Sweet Dishes - Kosher Recipes And Cooking - Food For Shabbat - Homemade

Butter Cakes - Sweet Dishes - Kosher Recipes And Cooking - Food For Shabbat - Homemade


Take equal quantities of butter and sugar, say half a pound of each, grate the rind of a lemon, add a little cinnamon, and as much flour as will form it into a paste, with spice and eggs; roll it out, cut it into two small cakes, and bake. A piece of candied orange or lemon-peel may be put on the top of each cake.

Excerpt From –  The Jewish Manual Practical Information In Jewish And Modern Cookery With A Collection Of Valuable Recipes And Hints Relating To The Toilette By Judith Cohen Montefiore  

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