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Life - Theories On Why Men Abuse And Insult Women

Life - Theories On Why Men Abuse And Insult Women

Have you ever met men who abuse women?
Have you ever wondered why those men abuse women?
Well, I have a few theories I think you might find interesting.

1. Some men have mummy issues.

Some men didn't receive enough love and attention from their mothers as children. They grew up craving their mother's time. But maybe Mummy was busy or had to work or had other children to cater to. But sadly these children don't understand. Their inner child grows and they are still trying to get mummy's attention.

As a way to cope with the childhood trauma they experienced, sadly some of them end up developing negative coping strategies. When they grow up, they end up trying to project their childhood issues onto the women they meet later on in life.

They try to recreate scenarios and stories in their mind about how things could have been. And when they fail to recreate a perfect ending, they abuse and insult the women they meet.

It's a way of trying to use women as a scapegoat since they can't confront the real origin of their trauma.

2. Some men, have low self esteem issues and insecurity from having experienced repeated rejections in their lives.

So, as they try to cope with the various hurts they have experienced in their life, they figure that the best way to feel great about themselves is by trying to put women down and make women feel horrible about themselves so these women will be more accepting and less rejecting. These are men who have not learnt the power of positivity and good energy.

3. Some men want a quick lay.
They have slept with so many women that women have since lost value in their eyes. However good a woman treats them, they are unable to feel the love, because it is just about sex to them and nothing less. So, they will abuse and degrade women because that is all they see.

4. Some men have been influenced by popular culture and new media.
They have listened to other abusive men and learnt these bad traits and gone ahead to practice bad behaviour that hurt both them and the women in their lives.

5. Some men had bad male role models while growing up.
Maybe as a child, they saw their father, uncle or another older male figure abusing and insulting a woman. Maybe they grew up in a family where it was alright to abuse women. And so, they grow up with that toxic mentality and also become an abuse.

These are just a few theories about why I think some men abuse women. Regardless of the reasons why this might be so, we can still hope for a world where men treat women with respect, kindness and love. We can raise men who believe in treating women right and seeing the infinite value in women.

Abuse doesn't have to become the norm for our society. We can do better as a society and we must.

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