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Patios - DIY Steps To Patio Acid Staining You Can Try At Home With Ordinary Tools

Patios - DIY Steps To Patio Acid Staining You Can Try At Home With Ordinary Tools 

Steps To Patio Acid Staining

Concrete is common material used in the construction of homes and other buildings. It is also used a floor pavement in indoor and outdoor structures.

If your patio has a concrete surface, you might want to change its dull grey color. Some homeowners opt to use concrete floor paints or coatings to do the job while others choose a process called patio acid staining to splash some color to their concrete patio. 

Patio acid staining is a technique used to stain concrete surfaces such as concrete patios. As the name suggests, patio acid staining makes use of acid solution instead of paint.

When applied to concrete, the acid solution reacts with concrete’s minerals resulting in striking color patterns. Patio acid staining is economical and in a simple do-it-yourself project requiring the use of ordinary garden tools.

Here are the basic steps:

The first step to patio acid staining should always be cleaning the concrete surface. With a stiff-bristled brush, degreaser, detergent or non-residue cleaner start scrubbing your patio floor to remove dirt, oil stains, grease and mildew. It is important that the surface is well cleaned for the stain to penetrate. You can also use a pressure washer to help remove stubborn dirt. 

After cleaning the surface, the next step is to prepare the acid staining solution. Do not forget to wear protective boots, gloves and safety goggles with respirator before staring to mix. When you are ready, take an acid proof sprinkling can or garden sprayer and pour one part muriatic acid and mix it with four parts water.

Then, wet your patio concrete floor including the area and grass surrounding it. Spray the acid solution into the concrete surface. At this point, you will see the concrete fizzle or bubble. Then, take the roller or brush and apply to the floor to create the stain pattern. If you think you would need to apply a second coating, wait the next day to do so. 

You should let the surface dry completely. Then, neutralize the concrete surface by applying a solution of water and baked soda using a stiff-bristled brush. Cover the entire surface with this mixture and then rinse thoroughly with water. Let the surface dry once more before you apply a clear sealer or wax.

Patio acid staining will create a colorful marble or mottled pattern in your concrete floor. The uneven coloration that it produces adds to its distinct look. After patio acid staining, your patio’s floor will give off a rich reddish brown color. Other colors are available as well. 

Patio acid staining is great on old or new concrete. However, wait after three weeks before applying acid stain on newly poured concrete. More importantly, before you start patio acid staining consider the color you want to use carefully as it is almost impossible to get rid of the color once you have stained your concrete floor. 

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