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Patios - Make Your Patio Chairs More Comfortable By Dressing Them Up With The Perfect Patio Chair Cushion

Patios - Make Your Patio Chairs More Comfortable By Dressing Them Up With The Perfect Patio Chair Cushion 

Choosing Patio Chair Cushions

Whether you just built a patio or you are looking to re-do the look of your old patio furniture, adding patio chair cushions will help you dress up your patio space and at the same time make it comfortable for you and your guests. Choosing patio chair cushions may seem a simple task but there are some things to consider. Remember that in design, the details matter.


First, you have to make sure the cushions will fit your furniture. If the cushions are too thick or too big, they will occupy most of the seating space. In addition, your patio furniture will look awkward.

To find out the right size of patio chair cushions that you need, you can measure the length, width and thickness of your old cushions. For a better fit, take the measurements of your patio furniture.

Next, you have to decide the fabric you want for your patio chair cushions including the color and pattern. Outdoor fabric is the ideal choice for open patios because of its durability to sun exposure and rain.

These fabrics are UV stabilized, which means you can keep them out in the sun and not have to worry about the colors easily fading. Outdoor fabric is also waterproof so you can be sure that your cushions will last through rain or snow. 

Whether your patio is covered or not, outdoor exposure will get patio chair cushions dusty and dirty. Look for a fabric that is easy to wash and quick to dry. If you have young children and pets, you may want to choose a fabric that will resist soil or stains. 

When it comes to pattern, you will find so many choices. Add a thick striped cushion to your patio bench for a classic look; choose floral prints to blend with your garden, or a bold pattern to add character to your patio. Make sure the pattern you choose works well with your patio style. If you are not certain about the pattern, you can always choose plain cushions.

Another important element to consider for your patio chair cushions is color. Neutral colors like cream, bronze, white and black gives your patio a sophisticated feel. Make your patio vibrant with red, orange or bright yellow cushions.

Cool colors such as green and blue gives your patio a clean and crisp look. You can stick with one color or mix and match as long as the effect is pleasing to the eyes. 

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