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Relationships - Books For Women That Contain Important Relationship Advice

Relationships - Books For Women That Contain Important Relationship Advice

Relationship Books For Women

"You know, he is going to stay forever every single time he fights for you, for the relationship and not with you."
- Jyoti Patel

Relationship books for women help women cope with their emotions, especially during failed relationships and heartbreaks. Books provide a safe place and space where women can seek the most important answers they hope to find without having to be pitied and thus helping to maintain their self-respect.

Being the more emotional ones by nature, women are often the most affected party whenever relationships fail, or even when they can’t seem to find the right person for a relationship. 

Relationships - Books For Women That Contain Important Relationship Advice

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Because of this emotionality, women therefore often frequently seek out ways to unravel the mystery and the questions that may seem unending to them when it comes to relationships and how to navigate them.

Although close friends or family are one of their choices for seeking advice, books have also been a great source of enlightenment for many women. 

Relationship books for women have in one way or another been women’s teachers when it comes to navigating the complicated field of relationships.

Listed below are popular book titles that many women have read through the years to gain knowledge to help them better understand men and relationships.

He’s Just Not That Into You

The book’s author, a story editor and consultant from the top rated TV series Sex and the City puts forward a humorous and powerfully sensible self-help guide for women to find out what really goes on inside a man’s head when he is obviously sending out varied messages and signals  about how he feels about a woman. 

The book is one of the relationship books for women that was featured in Oprah’s show and won the 2005 Quill Award in Health/Self-Improvement.  

It’s definitely thus a great read that will help turn that idealistic lame justification that women often give for a boyfriend’s bad behavior into the reality that some men just  aren’t that into their women.

The Dance Of Intimacy

The author, Dr. Lerner, focuses on taking a cautious look at relationships where intimacy is the main challenge because of too much distance emotionally, too much passion, or basically too much hurt. 

The book outlines steps to take, with the intention of strengthening good relationships, as well as healing the difficult ones.  The author combines clear recommendation with vivid examples that provide a solid and helpful book for women, and even men. 

Don’t Call That Man

The book is written by a psychoanalyst who has helped a lot of women survive the heartbreak of unsuccessful relationships.  This is one of the relationship books for women that gives inspiring and encouraging leads on how to let go and move on, with the use of practical methods to guide women through the hard and heart-twisting process.

The book center's on how to recover from bad relationships and resist the urge to hang on, with easy exercises that can help readers see their progress through the rough but essential transition. This book is a very helpful relationship book for women and it is a great place to start the journey and process of healing.

Relationships - Books For Women That Contain Important Relationship Advice

Source: Canva


To set the record straight, love has everything to do with it. Love for ourselves. Love that demands to be reciprocated because we know we are willing to give everything and we want everything in return. Love that is willing to speak up and say, “I need more attention. I deserve respect and deep affection. I’m not going to settle for anything less.” The sweet old fashioned notion demands to be rewritten as one that doesn’t set itself up as a repeatedly broken heart that stems from an insecure woman with a fancy notion of what love is supposed to look and feel like.

- Mishi McCoy

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