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Relationships - Do You Feel Too Old To Be In A Romantic Relationship And Should Your Age Matter

Relationships - Do You Feel Too Old To Be In A Romantic Relationship And Should Your Age Matter

Too Old For A Relationship

Are grey hairs, false teeth, incontinence, adult diapers, and Alzheimer’s disease, the basis that a person is too old for a relationship? 

Does age matter in relationships? This is one question that has generated hundreds of various reactions from respondents. For some, it does. They think that people of the same age bracket can relate to each other better. They would most likely have the same interests and hobbies. However, others think that age does not in any way affect the outcome of a relationship. Couples may be 20 years apart, but may still get along well on most things. 

No one has the right to say that a person is too old for a relationship. If the other person feels that they have something good, and they both work hard to make it work, then their commitment may be stronger than those couples who are of the same age.

Basically, the couples’ ages are just plain numbers. So why fuss over them? School is hard enough with calculus, why mess with people’s ages? If both individuals are happy even if the girls is barely out of her teens and the guy is old enough to be her grandfather, we don’t have any right to judge him as being too old for a relationship. But then again, is it really love they’re feeling? No matter how much we would probably tell them that it’s not appropriate, they are the best judges of their actions. And if they’re old enough to count, they would realize that two and three do not make four, but two and two does. 

The point is, society does not really focus on the numbers. After all, some 40 year olds look younger than some of those in their 30’s. The things is, knowing that a person is too old for a relationship would depend on what phase in life the couple belong to. If a 16 years old girl is dating a 40 year old guy, would they be sharing the same wavelength? 

For those who insist that a big age gap does not hinder a successful partnership, so be it. If each person is as committed as the other, age would defy its own limits. If being together is consensual for both parties, who are we to say one is too old for a relationship? 

If you’re both way beyond the legal age, having a good relationship despite the age gap can certainly work out. Relationships of mature individuals should not based on numbers and figures, but on the desires of the heart. 

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