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Relationships - The Importance Of The Student Teacher Relationship In Development And Growth

Relationships - The Importance Of The Student Teacher Relationship In Development And Growth

The Student-Teacher Relationship

How often do we hear about school being our second home? True enough, our children spend most of their waking hours in the learning institutions.

Admittedly, these places are where they start reaching out for their dreams. And whether or not they are capable of achieving them depends on what they learned and how it was taught to them.

The student-teacher relationship dictates the child’s academic achievement, or the absence of it.  That is why parents should check on their children in school to ensure that they have a comfortable learning environment. 

Sometimes, there are personality conflicts in student-teacher relationships. Teachers who give out unreasonable assignments and demands may be viewed by their students as villains. Children who do not feel at ease with their teachers may not be as attentive as others and may not be interested to learn. 

A good student-teacher relationship should be free from any hidden resentment. Both parties should keep an open line of communication. Children are often motivated to learn and do their school tasks when they can talk openly to their teachers. Likewise, teachers who reach out to their students will earn their trust.

One bad experience in school and your child may lose interest. A single clash with a teacher may let him withdraw from the rest of his professors. An effective student-teacher relationship should allow students to express themselves to some extent, and still yield to the teachers as the authority. 

Parents should make it a habit to ask their children things about school. Don’t wait for a problem to arise before you show concern. If you feel that there is a student-teacher relationship issue that your child is going through, look at the matter objectively.

Sometimes, parents have the tendency to be biased about the situation, but this should not be the case. Pointing the blame on the teacher or the child is not the solution to the problem. 

A student-teacher relationship doesn’t differ much from a parent-child relationship. Teachers and parents must reiterate to themselves that the child’s welfare is their main priority. Children have to remind themselves also that they have their own responsibilities to do. 

Generally, before a child can have a good student-teacher relationship, he must have a positive attitude while growing up. Those who had unfavorable family experiences will most likely show rebellious nature in school or may shy away from his classmates and teachers.

If he grew up in a good home, it would be less difficult for him to deal with other personalities. Only then, can he easily welcome other people into his life. 

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