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Relationships - The Role Of Sibling Relationships In Personality Development

Relationships - The Role Of Sibling Relationships In Personality Development

Sibling Relationships


“They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood.”

The relationship between brothers and sisters is an essential part of a  child's daily life as they grow and develop into adults.

Sibling relationships are multifaceted and how a child with siblings behaves will depend a

lot on the kind of sibling they interact and grow up with.

Because a child has to engage with their siblings on a daily basis, how he/she is helped to navigate this kind of relationship will eventually influence other aspects of their life in future like parenting, family relations and bullying among peers.

It is thus imperative that children are guided and helped to build strong and healthy relationships with their siblings.

Depending on the type of sibling relationship, children might behave in various ways.

Sibling relationships between sisters tends to involve the sisters talking with each other and sharing important “girl things” together, while the sibling relationship among brothers mostly involves them doing activities jointly. Brother to sister relationships on the other hand prioritize doing things simultaneously rather than chatting.

Research studies have also shown that children frequently say that sisters and brothers give them a solid sense of individuality.

However, not all sibling relationships are smooth sailing and without conflict. Some sibling relationships are filled with so much rivalry that parents often find  themselves asking why their children can’t simply get along with each other

Relationships - The Role Of Sibling Relationships In Personality Development

Source: Canva

Often times, the teasing, squabbling, competing, and constant annoyance among their children can’t seem to stop, and sometimes these parents find themselves getting exhausted and tired of the continual fights.

However, the endless fighting is not an indication that children are not getting along. The conflict is in fact a part of sibling relationships, which illustrates that the children DO get along. However, they are only able to show this kind of kinship through airing their differences, establishing their emotions, and testing their authority with a recognizable kin.

In comparison to parent-child relationships, sibling relationships are the more understood part of family life, as well as one of the most significant for personality development. 

Throughout one's lifetime, a sibling relationship is normally the longest relationship one can create. It is a relationship which has considerable influence on how one feel's about themselves and the types of relationships one develop's outside the family. 

For sibling relationships where siblings have had extreme sibling rivalry throughout the years, it is likely that they will eventually feel resentment towards each other, have little tolerance and inadequate understanding while dealing with situations that arise among themselves.

This is the reason why eliminating alot of competition among children and strengthening sibling relationships as early as possible should be developed by parents. 

This helps prevent bad sibling relationships and builds a good bond between siblings thus, creating a connection that “someone is there for them” leading to feelings of security from loneliness.

As children continue to grow and develop, what occurs in sibling relationships changes with time.

- They may learn from each other's character while shaping their own. 

- They may structure a connection that will be unshakable to weather clashes.

- They may simply build their own worlds apart. 

A parent plays a very important role in helping to form better relationships among their children. How the parents carry out this role  will thus greatly determine whether the children in a family have a great bond or they end up having  problematic connections. 

Relationships - The Role Of Sibling Relationships In Personality Development

Source: Canva

“Siblings-the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” 

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