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Relationships - What Are The Red Flags And Signs That You Are Being Abused In Your Relationship

Relationships - What Are The Red Flags And Signs That You Are Being Abused In Your Relationship

Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

If the heart can talk, it would be a lot easier to know which persons are abused. Even if a lot of people are known to have abusive partners, it is difficult to pinpoint which ones are. Bruises and scars may be the most evident signs of an abusive relationship, but it is certainly not the only means. 

Like the devil, abuse takes on various forms. Your abusive partner can attack you physically, emotionally, or sexually. Because people have visible proofs of it, physical abuse is the most popular. There are various signs of an abusive relationship. Partners who hurt you physically which includes, grabbing, kicking, punching, or slapping you have the traits of an abuser. Often, these types of partners threaten you harm especially if you try to end the relationship. Jealousy and extreme anger are telltale signs of an abusive relationship as well. 

Just because you don’t have bruises and marks on your body does not mean that your relationship is harmless. There are other signs of an abusive relationship than those blue spots on your skin. Your partner could be abusing you in some other way. Sexual abuse is most likely the most sensitive type of abuse issue. Partners who are forced into sexual activities that they do not want to have are victims of this type of abuse. Often, people do not want to make a fuss over it because they think that it is too personal to be brought out in the open. But like all other types of abuse, this too can affect you in more ways than one. 

Emotional abuse is perhaps the most unrecognizable type of abuse. It does not leave out any visible marks or physical scars. Rather it works by attacking the person where it hurts most – the ego. Some signs that you are in emotionally-battered are when your partner humiliates you in front of other people, bully you around, betrays you, or puts you down. Some women often stay long even if they are emotionally abused by their partners because they mistake those actions for love. Their friends and family may not see anything wrong with the relationship either, that is why the abused individuals will eventually be able to convince themselves that the abuse is merely a show of deep love and commitment. 

Even if the signs of an abusive relationship are very clear, it is a big question why there are people who cling to their partners tighter than a monkey would on a swinging branch. For those of us who are spared from such relationships, the victims are as culpable as the abusers are. If they won’t give anyone the chance to abuse them, no one would. 

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