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Relationships - What Does It Mean To Be In A Relationship Led By A Woman

Relationships - What Does It Mean To Be In A Relationship Led By A Woman

The Female Led Relationship

Throughout history, women have played the submissive partner between the two genders.

Relationships - What Does It Mean To Be In A Relationship Led By A Woman

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Before, women were seen as nothing, as Napoleon once called them, ‘machines producing children’.

But over centuries, with several protests as regards women’s rights, feminist protests, and the gain of society’s female-role acknowledgement, gender roles no longer plague women.

Today, women can be seen outside of their homes working alongside men. Equal footing in the work force is one thing, but how about relationships? How does society view a female led relationship?

What exactly is a female led relationship? At first glance of the words, one would think “Venus on top”, or “lady of the house”, or without any grace in tongue, a woman running things.

Perhaps that is exactly what it is but also note that there is more than one person involved in a relationship. For a woman to be leading that relationship, both parties must come to the mutual decision for that to be.

One situation that can fall into the category of a female led relationship is if the woman turns out to be the aggressor. Simply put, in the relationship it’s the female that ends up making the decisions.

The woman may have been the one to pursue her husband and it is her that makes the other moves to help move the relationship forward. However one common misconception about a female led relationship is that it is only the woman doing the job.

This is untrue. A situation wherein the male works with a successful job with his wife being some sort of secretarial can also fall into the category of a female led relationship.

How? It’s his wife setting up meetings with executives, it’s his wife making sure he goes to work prepared, it’s his wife making sure his presentations are audience-friendly – that’s how. It’s the female that plans and sets up everything and the male’s job is to execute those plans.

Some people are still not as open to any female led relationship. However, this tunnel vision on relationships does not necessarily mean they are chauvinists. Perhaps it’s because of being too familiar with gender roles and that the male is usually the one dominant in a relationship.

Relationships - What Does It Mean To Be In A Relationship Led By A Woman
Source: Canva

But with the growing trends these days and with women showing up in places that they normally wouldn’t be in, society’s views are, once again, no doubt, ever to change. No longer is the world just “a man’s world”.

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