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Relationships - Your Happiness, Career And Health Are Greatly Influenced By The Kind Of Relationship You Have

Relationships - Your Happiness, Career And Health Are Greatly Influenced By The Kind Of Relationship You Have


A lot of people may not notice, but whatever one does and whichever part of the world one comes from, relationships are universal.  From the very first circle of people a person comes in contact with, the family, he or she already starts to build a relationship with family members. And what about the friendship that one nurtures and treasures while growing up, or the connection built with coworkers, or the bond one chooses to share with an intimate lifetime companion, these are all relationships that make possible for a human being to deepen the existence.  

Throughout ones lifetime, the ties made with so many different people results to diverse types of relationship as well, from the good casual friendly contacts, to the usual acquaintance connection, to the more formal professional relations, to spiritual dealings, to the most simple interactions made with everyday activity, and to the most powerful and overwhelming bonds, relationships are ever-present and they continuously form part of every individual’s way of life, from young to old, strong to weak, man to woman, rich to poor, it enduringly goes on and on.

Some people say that the easiest type of relationship is with ten thousand people, the most difficult is with one.  Considering that they have a point, it may possibly be because it is human nature to find happiness in that ‘one’ person who would completely compliment ones character and personality, and vice versa. A special personal relationship is considered to be one of the most important types of relationships apart from the one built with the family. 

People being social creatures, is greatly influenced with their relationships, including happiness, ability to work, self-esteem, and mental health.  It is always important to take note that, the way an individual relates to another person is the way that other person would relate back.  Relations works best, if one is able to be himself within them, however it does not mean that one can toss outbursts when they feel like it nor be uncouth to people when desired, ones contentment can still depend on the type of connection they have with others.

Even though good relationships are important, a person should never underestimate the value of solitude. Finding enjoyment and inspired strength in ones own company, can be a spring of ‘energy drink’, allowing a person to draw from within inner depths, making him at ease with himself, and in turn at ease with others.

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