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DIY Homemade Cosmetic Jelly For Beautiful Hands | Time Honored Tips

DIY Homemade Cosmetic Jelly For Beautiful Hands | Time Honored Tips

DIY Homemade Cosmetic Jelly For Beautiful Hands | Time Honored Tips

Take thirty grains of gum tragacanth, 

soak in seven ounces of rose-water for two days, 

strain through muslin and add one-half ounce each of glycerin and alcohol, previously mixed. 

This dries in a moment after application.

Excerpt From – Woman Beautiful By Helen Follett Stevans.

The Climax of Prayer | The Earth, The Battle Field In Prayer

The Climax of Prayer | The Earth, The Battle Field In Prayer

The Climax of Prayer | The Earth, The Battle Field In Prayer

To God man is first an objective point, and then, without ceasing to be that, he further becomes a distributing centre.

God ever thinks of a man doubly: first for his own self, and then for his possible use in reaching others.

Communion and petition fix and continue one’s relation to God, and so prepare for the great outreaching form of prayer—intercession.

Prayer must begin in the first two but reaches its climax in the third. Communion and petition are of necessity self-wide. Intercession is world-wide in its reach. And all true rounded prayer will ever have all three elements in it. There must be the touch with God.

One’s constant needs make constant petition. But the heart of the true follower has caught the warm contagion of the heart of God and reaches out hungrily for the world. Intercession is the climax of prayer.
Much is said of the subjective and objective value of prayer; its influence upon one’s self, and its possible influence upon persons and events quite outside of one’s self. Of necessity the first two sorts of prayer here named are subjective; they have to do wholly with one’s self.

The Climax of Prayer | The Earth, The Battle Field In Prayer
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Of equal necessity intercessory prayer is objective; it has to do wholly with others. There is even here a reflex influence; in the first two directly subjective; here incidentally reflex. Contact with God while dealing with Him for another of necessity influences me. But that is the mere fringe of the garment. The main driving purpose is outward.

Just now in certain circles it seems quite the thing to lay great stress upon the subjective value of prayer and to whittle down small, or, deny entirely its value in influencing others. Some who have the popular ear are quite free with tongue and pen in this direction.

From both without and within distinctly Christian circles their voices come. One wonders if these friends lay the greater emphasis on the subjective value of prayer so as to get a good deep breath for their hard drive at the other.

Yet the greater probability is that they honestly believe as they say, but have failed to grasp the full perspective of the picture.

In listening to such statements one remembers with vivid distinctness that the scriptural stand point always is this: that things quite outside of one’s self, that in the natural order of prevailing circumstances would not occur, are made to occur through prayer.

Jesus constantly so assumed. The first-flush, commonsense view of successful prayer is that some actual result is secured through its agency.

It is an utter begging of the question to advance such a theory as a sufficient explanation of prayer. For prayer in its simplest conception supposes something changed that is not otherwise reachable.

Both from the scriptural, and from a rugged philosophical standpoint the objective is the real driving point of all full prayer. The subjective is in order to the objective, as the final outward climactic reach of God’s great love-plan for a world.

Excerpt From – Quiet Talks On Prayer By Samuel Dickey Gordon. 

The Spirit Switchboard | Prayer the Greatest Outlet Of Power

The Spirit Switchboard | Prayer the Greatest Outlet Of Power

The Spirit Switchboard | Prayer the Greatest Outlet Of Power

Electricity is a strange element. It is catalogued in the study of physics. It is supposed to be properly classed among the forces of nature. Yet it seems to have many properties of the spirit world. Those who know most of it say they know least of what it is. 

Some of the laws of its being have been learned, and so its marvelous power harnessed for man’s use, but in much ignorance of what it is. It seems almost to belong somewhere in between the physical and spirit realms. It furnishes many similes of graphic helpfulness in understanding more nearly much truth of the Spirit life.

In the power-house where the electricity is being wooed into man’s harnessing, or generated, as the experts say, is found a switchboard, or switch-room with a number of boards. Here in a large city plant a man may go and turn a switch, that is, move a little handle, a very short distance.

It is a very simple act, easily performed, involving almost no strength. But that act has loosened the power in the house back of the switchboard out along the wires, and perhaps lighted a whole section of the city.

He goes in again at another hour, and turns this set of switches, and this, and sets in motion maybe scores of cars, carrying swiftly, hundreds of passengers. Again he goes in, and moves the little handles and sets in motion the wheels in some factory employing hundreds of operatives.

The Spirit Switchboard | Prayer the Greatest Outlet Of Power

It is a secret service, usually as far as any observers are concerned. It is a very quiet, matter of fact service. But the power influenced is unmeasured and immeasurable. And no one, seemingly, thus far, can explain the mysterious but tremendous agent involved.

Does the fluid—it a fluid? or, what?—pass through the wire? or, around the wire? The experts say they do not know. But the laws which it obeys are known. And as men comply with them its almost omnipotence is manifested.

Just such a switch-room in the spirit realm is one’s prayer-room. Every one who will may have such a spirit switching-board in his life.

There he may go and in compliance with the laws of the power used loosen out the gracious persuasive irresistible power of God where he wills to; now in Japan; now in China; among the hungry human hearts of India’s plains and mountains; again in Africa which is full as near to where Jesus sits as is England or America; and now into the house across the alley from your home; and down in the slum district; and now into your preacher’s heart for next Sunday’s work; and now again unto the hearts of those you will be meeting in the settlement house, or the mission school.

Children are not allowed at the electrical switchboard, nor any unskilled hand. For misuse means possibility of great damage to property and life.

And the spirit switchboard does not yield to the unskilled touch. Though sometimes there seems to be much tampering by those with crude fingers, and with selfish desire to turn this current to personal advantage merely.

It takes skill here. Yet such is our winsome God’s wondrous plan that skill may come to any one who is willing; simply that—who is willing; and it comes very simply too.

Strange too, as with the electrical counterpart, the thing is beyond full or satisfying explanation.

How does it come to pass that a man turns a few handles, and miles away great wheels begin to revolve, and enormous power is manifested? Will some one kindly explain? Yet we know it is so, and men govern their actions by that knowledge.

How does it come to pass that a woman in Iowa prays for the conversion of her skeptical husband, and he, down in the thick of the most absorbing congress Washington has known since the civil war, and in full ignorance of her purpose becomes conscious and repeatedly conscious of the presence and power of the God in whose existence he does not believe; and months afterwards with his keen, legally trained mind, finds the calendar to fit together the beginning of her praying with the beginning of his unwelcome consciousness?

Will some one kindly explain? Ah! who can, adequately! Yet the facts, easy ascertainable, are there, and evidenced in the complete change in the life and calling of the man.

How comes it to pass that a woman in Missouri praying for a friend of keen intellectual skeptically in Glasgow, who can skillfully measure and parry argument, yet finds afterwards that the time of her praying is the time of his, at first decidedly unwelcome, but finally radical change of convictions! Yet groups of thoughtful men and women know these two instances to be even so though unable to explain how.

And as the mysterious electrical power is being used by obedience to its laws, even so is the power of prayer being used by many who understand simply enough of its laws to obey, and to bring the stupendous results.

Excerpt From – Quiet Talks On Prayer By Samuel Dickey Gordon. 

Staying Healthy, In Top Shape And Beautiful As A Plump And Full Figured Woman Using Natural Methods | Time Honored Tips

Staying Healthy, In Top Shape And Beautiful As A Plump And Full Figured Woman Using Natural Methods | Time Honored Tips

Staying Healthy, In Top Shape And Beautiful As A Plump And Full Figured Woman Using Natural Methods | Time Honored Tips

“What’s female beauty but an air divine,
Through which the mind’s all-gentle graces shine?
They, like the sun, irradiate all between;
The body charms, because the soul is seen.”

If one had to choose between being too fat or too lean, the wise woman would certainly take the smaller allowance of flesh. Jack Sprat might incite pleasant ridicule, but Jack Sprat’s wife—lo! there would be naught but pity and tears for her! 

It is better by far to be the butt of jokes concerning “walking shoestrings” or “perambulating umbrella cases” than to waddle through life burdened to death with an excessive amount of flesh. The thin sister can pad out the angles, put frills and puffy things over the bony places, but alas for the fat one!

She gets into clothes that are skin-tight, and she draws in her corset string until it snaps and gives at every breath and sneeze, and even then she does not look graceful and pretty, for the fat—like secrets—will out, and it rolls over and around like the little bumps and humps in a pudding bag.

Yet, after all, there’s more hope for her than for her sister in misery. While some thin girls might revel in cod liver oil and nearly convert themselves into a hospital storeroom of tonics and fattening foods, they can’t get round and rotund—the Lord seems to will it that certain persons are to amble disconsolately through life minus the proper allotment of flesh. 

But with the over plump lady it all lies within herself as to whether she is to be stout and buxom or of more artistic and beautiful proportions. It is simply a matter of getting up and hustling, a condition of animation frequently foreign to her nature, but not at all impossible to even the most unwieldy.

Staying Healthy, In Top Shape And Beautiful As A Plump And Full Figured Woman Using Natural Methods | Time Honored Tips

While a certain careful routine of living is necessary for a speedy change for the better, the two main points to remember are diet and exercise. To the girl who says: “But I can’t diet. I get hungry. I love sweets and goodies, and have to have them,” I must reply: “Well, then, be fat.” 

What is worth having is worth working for, and the woman who is too fat for her own comfort and personal appearance invariably has ahead of her the dreadful bogy of additional flesh as the years go on. And surely that should be enough to inspire her to mend her ways.

In beginning the change—that is, in starting out on a regular system of dieting and exercising—you should remember that the reform must be worked gradually. One must go slowly into the more healthful manner of living. 

The severe methods of flesh-reducing cannot be too greatly deplored, and many a woman has lost her life by these extreme measures. I do not mean that they have died at their exercisers or that they fell exhausted because they did not have enough to eat, but that in their mad efforts to become thin quickly they undermined their health and laid a good foundation for physical disorders. 

Good health, with too much plumpness, is preferable to beautiful proportions and the listlessness and pain of ill health. So you can follow my advice with the greatest safety, as health—to my way of thinking—is greater than beauty, for the last depends upon the first, invariably.

To-morrow, when you get up, throw on a loose, warm wrapper, and then open the window. Stand in the cool, crisp morning air, and expand your lungs a dozen times, holding your hands on your hips and raising yourself lightly on your toes. 

Vary this by walking across the room, taking long, full breaths from the abdomen. This practice is equally good for the thin girl, or any other kind of a girl, for that matter. After airing your lungs close the window and run into the bath-room, where you should have a quick sponge bath, rubbing the body briskly with a heavy towel. 

A quick alcohol rub can follow, just as one pleases. For breakfast let there be fresh uncooked fruit, especially oranges. Tea or coffee must be taken clear, as neither milk nor sugar should be indulged in by the beauty patient whose chief ambition it is to lose flesh. Toast must always be eaten instead of bread, and butter used sparingly at all times. 

Avoid fats, starchy cereals, flesh-producing vegetables and pastries. This is very simple, when you once make up your mind to it. Do not fancy you are thus left with nothing whatever to eat—like Mother Hubbard’s unhappy dog. Meats, either cold or broiled, are good if eaten in moderation. Poultry, fish and game are all right. 

Asparagus, string beans, spinach and tomatoes are the most appetizing of vegetables, and in these four alone there will be sufficient variety, especially when salads of all sorts are included, although these must, of course, be taken without oil. Young onions are also excellent, as are condiments, dried fruits and acidulated drinks. 

A hot lemonade, taken every night, is good, but it must have little sugar, else the effects of the acid will be overbalanced.
As for exercise, walking is best of all. Running is very beneficial, but the unique witticisms of the average small boy will probably keep this form of exercise confined strictly to the house. 

Begin by walking half a mile for several days, then make the distance a mile, and keep increasing your daily walk until you cover at least five miles. That may sound like an impossibility, but don’t you believe it, for it’s not at all. 

In Great Britain a walk of fifteen miles is not considered half an effort, and who does not know that the English girls have the most superb complexions in the world? Besides this, they are healthy, wholesome, well-developed women, and that counts a good deal in the race for beauty. 

If the five-mile walk is too exhausting, then take a longer time getting to the point, when it will be exhilarating instead of enervating.
Sleep must be limited to seven hours, and daily naps are strictly tabooed. 

To those who prefer, mechanical massage can be given, and this will take the place of long walks, although they are really preferable, as the fresh air is necessary. Oxygen destroys or burns out carbon, and carbon is fat. 

The more exercise and fresh air, the more oxygen, and consequently destruction of fat by the one healthy means of remedying obesity. Soda phosphates and the various fat-reducing preparations are not desirable. 

The only way to cajole willowiness of body into coming in your direction is to diet and to take plenty of exercise. Do not drink much water. A little lemon juice added to it will make it less fattening.
There, now, plump lady, are your rules! 

Abide by them and your woes will surely disappear with a swiftness that will make you laugh.

Excerpt From – Woman Beautiful By Helen Follett Stevans.