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Waxing And Tinting | Geranium Leaves - Rose Geranium

Waxing And Tinting | Geranium Leaves - Rose Geranium.

Waxing And Tinting | Geranium Leaves - Rose Geranium

This leaf is of a dark chrome green. Prepare the wax in two shades, dark chrome green and light; immerse the leaves in soapsuds for six hours; take out of the soapsuds and lay it on the marble slab.

As there is neither shading nor marking on the leaf, all that is required is to give it a coat of dark chrome green, thick enough to prevent the wires from showing; then lay the wires over the veins and coat them over with a light shade of green.

Remove the natural leaf, and as the texture of the rose geranium leaf is rather rough, rub it over with green flock mixed with hair powder. The stems may be left in different lengths.

The best directions that we can give for the tinting and marking of leaves is to copy from nature. The cyclamen leaf is well adapted for the practice of marking and tinting.

The leaf of the pond lily, lotus, canna, maranta, rubber tree, magnolia, camellia, orange, and all leaves which have a waxy surface, should either be varnished or bronzed.

All kinds of leaves may be made by the foregoing directions.—Popular Art Instructor.

Excerpt From The Ladies Book Of Useful Information.