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The Sepher Torah | A Book of Jewish Thoughts

The Sepher Torah

FOR any community of people to be, and to remain, Jewish, they must be brought up from their tenderest childhood to regard the Sepher Torah as the title-deed of their birthright and pedigree, which they are religiously to hand down unaltered from generation to generation. 
For is there a Jewish community anywhere, however safely domiciled, which has relinquished the Torah for even one generation and has survived that separation? The Jewish masses, though dispersed to the four winds of the world and mostly destitute of mere shelter—because tenacious of their creed, endure, true to themselves and to their past.

The Torah, therefore, is a fountain of life. In it is protection greater than in fortresses. Those who forsake the Torah, bringing it into disrepute and weakening the hold it has on us, are working at the destruction of the brotherhood that cradled and sheltered their fathers and forefathers through all the vicissitudes of the bygone ages, to whom they owe their own life and presence on earth.

W. M. HAFFKINE, 1917.

Excerpt From A Book of Jewish Thoughts By Dr. J H. Hertz

Hamapil | Bedtime Prayers | Jewish Prayers And Blessings

Hamapil | Bedtime Prayers | Jewish Prayers And Blessings 

Hamapil | Bedtime Prayers | Jewish Prayers And Blessings

Blessed are you Hashem our Elohim, Sovereign of the Universe, who casts the bonds of sleep upon my eyes and slumber upon my eyelids and who illuminates the pupil of the eye.

May it be the will before you, Hashem, my Elohim and the Elohim of my ancestors that you lay me down to sleep in peace and raise me up for life that is good and for peace.

Grant that my portion be in your Torah and may I be occupied with matters of Mitzvot, and may I not be occupied with matters of wrongdoing and do not bring me into a state of negativity neither, nor into a state of trail, nor into a state of scorn, and allow the good inclination to dominate over me and do not allow the evil inclination to dominate over me, and rescue me from the opponent and from an evil mishap and from serious illness.

And may I not be confounded by my ideas and bad dreams and bad fleeting thoughts and may my bed be unharmed in your care and may you illumine my eyes lest I sleep the sleep of death.
Blessed are you Hashem, who illumines the entire world with his glory. 

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