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Why Buying a Used Wedding Dress is a Sustainable Choice

Used Wedding Dresses

If you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for your wedding dress, you are not alone. I saved a lot of money on my dress by buying something that was deeply discounted because it was a year off-season. If you can’t find something you like this way, then you might want to consider looking at used wedding dresses. Before you dismiss the idea, remember that many women do this when they use their mother’s or their grandmother’s wedding dress for their wedding day. I know getting a stranger’s dress is not the same thing, but the principle is the same.

The great thing about used wedding dresses is that they have in most cases only been used once. Most people wear them for their wedding day and they are then cleaned and put away, or sold. Some used wedding dresses are sometimes brand new. Sometimes weddings are cancelled, as we all know, and the bride usually wants to get rid of the dress. This happens not only to get some of her money back, but also to get rid of the memory of the day that never happened.

You can find used wedding dresses everywhere. If you look online, you can find hundreds if not thousands of them from which to choose. Don’t forget to check auction sites like eBay, and classifieds for your area. You have to consider what size you want, and perhaps what style, and this will make your search for used wedding dresses a little easier by helping you weed out what won’t fit or what you don’t like early. If you are looking for a dress for Halloween, you can find them very cheaply in your local thrift store.

One extra expense you may find that you have with used wedding dresses is cleaning. No matter what you do, you want to have the dress cleaned, even if the previous owner claims to have had it done. You will also still have to pay for alterations, but these shouldn’t be too bad. It still beats paying a thousand for a dress you can get for 200. If you are really lucky, you will find a dress that fits perfectly, but this is a rarity. Most bridal stores will do alterations for you if you make an appointment, even if you didn’t get your dress through them. Make sure you call ahead to find out though. If they can’t, they may be able to refer you to someone who can.

Creative And Unique Pre-Wedding Activities To Try

Creative And Unique Pre-Wedding Activities To Try

Creative And Unique Pre-Wedding Activities To Try

Pre Wedding Activities

Planning pre-wedding activities is a little something extra that's not required, but certainly fun and entertaining for the guests. If the bride and groom keep in mind the distance some guests have traveled and keep activities relevant to that level of fatigue, they're sure to hit on some winning activities.

As you go about planning activities for the wedding, keep in mind other factors as well. Do many people have children with them? Will you provide childcare or will the children be participants in the activities? If you have several guests who are older, perhaps activities can be tailored in a ay they can participate as well.

Some of the more popular pre-wedding activities include things like a group manicure. All the women in the wedding party or ho are close to the bride (and certainly this could include men if they like manicures and want to hang out with the ladies) head to a nail salon and get their nails done. This can be relaxing for many women and provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the wedding weekend. The men might choose to golf or play a game of tennis while this is going on.

Many brides and grooms choose to provide structured activities for their guests prior to the wedding. If the wedding is on a Saturday night, for example, they might choose to provide a Friday activity, especially if most guests are local to the wedding. You might have a wedding luau. Many times pre-wedding activities center around bachelor and bachelorette parties, but what about a stag party that includes all the members of the brides and grooms families? You could plan some fun (and appropriate) games and head out to a restaurant for a night of fun and games. Be sure to limit the drinking and carousing as this might not sit well with some family members.

Here is a fun activity that can be done right before the wedding. Have someone begin a gift basket. The theme of the basket is "advice for the couple" and could be started by the best man or maid of honor. They take the basket to someone else's house, perhaps an aunt or cousin and leave it on the doorstep. That person adds an item (a book on how to end spousal arguments? Or a CD of romantic music?) and brings the basket to someone else's house. This activity can begin a week or two before the wedding and everyone should know it is coming around. 

The basket can also be circulated the weekend of the wedding, but this ill only work if everyone is local and if they know the basket is coming. In this case, it also might be helpful to have someone bring the basket to a house, collect the item and the take the basket to the next location, reducing the need to have each person take the basket to its next location. Once it's full, someone can be in charge of putting the basket items together, wrapping it all up to make it look nice and bringing it to the bride and groom. It can be delivered right to the wedding as a gift in and of itself.

Whatever activities you choose, be sure to keep in mind the needs of your guests and the limitations of those guests. If you want to plan an activity that includes everyone, and you choose golf, but grandpa is in a wheelchair or uses a walker, that might not be the best activity to plan.

Wedding Card Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts To Keep In Mind

Wedding Cards

We all know you have to give a gift when you attend a wedding. Even if you were invited but can’t make it, you still have to give the bride and groom something to wish them well with their new life together. I know, it’s a racket all right, but this is just the way it is and has been for a very long time. Because couples are older now when they marry, and many of them have their own households, gifts are becoming harder and harder to choose. Many people opt to simply give a wedding card with a little something tucked inside.

Most choose a wedding card based on their feelings for the couple. Close friends and family tend to buy romantic or mushy cards, while those who aren’t quite as close often chose things that are more silly or comical in nature. For the most part, as long as the wedding cards you give are from the heart, the happy couple will love and cherish them.

While a lot of people like to put cash in wedding cards, others like to put gift certificates. Cash can go for anything. It can go towards a down payment on a house, to help pay for the honeymoon, or can be just because. If you want to give a gift certificate, make sure it is for something they will love. If you get certificates for gym memberships for people who aren’t into working out, you are going to offend them. Keep their lifestyle and hobbies in mind when choosing gift certificates to include with wedding cards.

If you are the bride, you probably want to save all of your wedding cards. I have done this, and I am glad I did. Even though I have only been married for five years, I have already lost someone near and dear to me since my wedding. The shower and wedding cards she got me for my special day are still in my scrapbook, and these are memories that I cannot replace. Any time I really miss her, which is quite often, I can go back and see the wedding cards and remember what she said to me at that time, and how special she was in my life. Wedding cards are more than memories of your wedding; they may be important memories of those you love and may lose sooner than you think.

The Top Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Games That Will Make Your Night Unforgettable

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Games

Wedding rehearsal dinners are a time to relax, calm down and enjoy a quiet evening before the big event the next day. But adding some fun and games into the rehearsal dinner isn't such a bad idea. It's a great way to help everyone let off some steam, calm down and enjoy each other.

If you're planning a sit-down formal dinner, fun games and activities can still be on the menu. In fact, if a formal dinner is part of the plans, having some interesting activities on the agenda is not only a good idea, but also an excellent one. There's been a lot of planning, and a lot of stress and the wedding party and close friends and family will welcome the opportunity to have a little fun.

The success or failure of any games or activities largely depends not just on the planning but your venue. If you're having a sit-down dinner in a restaurant, try to get a private room. Then a myriad of fun activities can be planned, such as "pin the veil on the bride", in which blindfolded guests spin around a few times, then try to pin the veil on a picture of the bride. Silly, yes, but also fun.

One fun activity sure to help everyone blow off some steam is charades. Whoever is up will act out a scene from the bride or groom's life, so it might be when graduating from college, or getting a huge promotion at work. The "it" person might choose to act out when the bride tripped and fell at another person's wedding or when the groom saved a dog from getting hit by a car. This is a little twist on charades that helps people get to know the bride and groom better, and adds intimacy to what is already an intimate event. 

If the wedding rehearsal dinner is a bit less formal and held in someone's home, there are many more activities that can take place. For example, how about a night of playing board games? Who needs formal food? You can have that the next day at the formal wedding. At this rehearsal dinner party, the games are center stage. 

Bring in some sandwiches and tell everyone to wear their comfortable clothes and settle in for a night of board games. You can set up games on different tables, divide people into groups of 4 or 5 and have everyone rotate tables at designated times. You can even instruct game players that when they move to another table, the game stays out the way it is.  So, for example, dad might begin playing Monopoly where the bride was and he's stuck with only a little money in the bank and no houses on Boardwalk.

So, let's say the bride and groom are big into sports. If the wedding is to be held in the summer and the days are long, how about a game of touch football or baseball? You can play bride's family against groom's family, men against women, or for a twist, the bride plays with the groom's family and the groom with the bride's family. Any combination works. The idea here is to have some fun, relax and enjoy each other's company.

Other outdoor activities can include anything that is physical and might help people blow off steam. Has the bride been more a "bridezilla" than anything? How about a game of tag where she's it? Or you can create two bridesmaid's dress-up trunks. Go to a thrift store, fill the trunks with old prom dresses and large-size shoes, and costume jewelry. Divide the guests into two different teams and have someone sit with a timer. The team who dresses one of the men (ideally, the groom and best man or perhaps the two dads) first wins. Be sure to have a camera at the rehearsal dinner/event, because this is one activity you'll want to have pictures of!

How To Give A Heartfelt Wedding Speech That Everyone Will Remember

How To Give A Heartfelt Wedding Speech That Everyone Will Remember

Wedding Speeches

One of the most daunting tasks for the best man might be what he has to do at the wedding reception. Tradition dictates that the best man has to give a speech, and today, more and more brides are asking their maid or matron of honor to do the same thing. The thing about these wedding speeches is that no one every really knows what to say. Some people are naturally gifted and writing and delivering a great speech, but most people suffer through it, and have no idea what they should do or say.

I have twice now seen people freeze in the middle of wedding speeches out of pure fright. Perhaps there is a lot of pressure to give the perfect speech, and everyone fears their wedding speeches may be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Some people like to use humor, but this can be very tricky. Talking about the couples first date might be funny, but Grandma won’t like it if it involves drinking and public nudity. It’s hard to think of things that may interest everyone and the speakers often feel the pressure of this before they even stand up and open their mouth.

If you have to give a speech soon, you will be glad to know that help is out there. You can find good wedding speeches online that you can customize to the bride and groom. This may help you relax a little, because at least you know at the very least it was a good speech when you started. If you are having trouble personalizing the speech, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just make sure you pick something appropriate for everyone.

If you want to write your own wedding speeches, make sure you take some time to think it through, and run it by a few people before the big day. Try to stay away from saying anything you wouldn’t want anyone to say about you in front of all of your family and most of your close friends. You can use humor; just make sure you aren’t going to make Aunt Jane pass out. Remember to keep it simple. Great wedding speeches don’t have to be long and detailed; they simply have to come from the heart. If you write something that comes directly from your heart and your love of the couple, you really won’t have anything to worry about.

Wedding Weekend Activities | How To Keep Your Guests Engaged And Entertained

Wedding Weekend Activities | How To Keep Your Guests Engaged And Entertained

Wedding Weekend Activities | How To Keep Your Guests Engaged And Entertained

Wedding Weekend Activities

Weekend weddings are becoming more popular, particularly as families are spread further apart. They usually begin on Friday night, continue with the wedding Saturday and conclude with a post-wedding breakfast on Sunday before everyone returns home. 

Planning activities for these weekend-long celebrations doesn't have to be difficult; in fact, it can be quite a bit of fun if you keep everyone's needs in mind. First, consider the wedding. Will this be a formal wedding with a sit-down dinner at its center? If so, you might want to ban a formal rehearsal dinner and replace it instead with an informal barbecue dinner or picnic. 

But how will you keep people occupied during the long weekend? There are many activities to consider. Will the wedding be near a lake? How about planning a day at the lake on Saturday, filled with pre-wedding activities like swimming races and beach volleyball. 

One popular pre-wedding activity is a scavenger hunt. Prior to the wedding weekend, a list of meaningful items should be drawn up, and guests placed in two teams. The list should include things like "get a brochure from the jewelry store where (groom) bought (bride)'s ring" or "take a picture of the group at the location where the couple got engaged". You will have to tailor the scavenger hunt list to the location of the wedding and the energy of the guests who will be participating.

You can even offer lavish prizes for the team that wins the scavenger hunt, such as gift certificates or gourmet food and wine baskets. It might seem an obvious choice to divide the teams into groups who know or are related to the bride and teams who know or are related to the groom, but it might be a little more fun to mix it up a bit. You can create teams of friends versus family, or men versus women (always a popular choice). 

Another activity that's popular during wedding weekends is a competitive sport activity, such as baseball or flag football. Again, add a special twist. Offer prizes for performance (first home run gets a kiss from the bride) or make silly rules, like members of the bridal party have to wear tiaras while running bases or members of the groom's family should always have their shirts on backwards.

It's important that during the wedding weekend, planners keep in mind that the weekend itself might be expensive for some guests, particularly those who had to fly in for the occasion and many of the activities should be free, or inexpensive. If they are more expensive, and planned for the entire group, they should be paid for by either the bride and groom or their families. 

But there are plenty of activities that don't have to be expensive, but can provide big bang for the little buck, such as the scavenger hunt suggested above. If the wedding weekend guests will mostly be family, you can schedule a home movie-viewing event, including home movies from both the bride and groom's families. For even more fun, consider an activity where the movies are mixed up and the guests have to guess which family's videos they are watching. This might sound easy, but depending on the contents, it could be hard, particularly if the bride and groom are babies in the photos.

Stunning Beach Wedding Dresses for Your Dream Destination Wedding

Beach Wedding Dresses

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion. Instead of the normal wedding party, some of you might prefer your wedding at an exotic location with an ocean view. Organizing wedding on a beach would convey your message to your beloved how romantic and thoughtful you are. Although it may sound a very unique concept but many beaches around the world are witnessing the vows of two hearts. Now days it has become very common for a couple to fly down to tropical island and take their vows on the surface of beach and sand. The wedding at beach doesn’t let you wear long flowing gowns. The wedding is very informal which makes it important to wear something comfortable and casual. Keeping this in mind, varied ranges of beach wedding dress are available which provides refined and classy look. Some of the wedding dress that could be worn is strapless dress, halter, one-shoulder dress and ones with sleeves as well. Avoid wearing headpieces and full formal skirts as this would look out of place.

With this wedding trend becoming more popular, the designers are coming up with innovative and unique ideas perfect for the occasion. For the beach wedding, its utmost vital to consider the quality of fabric as you might have to travel a lot and also the fabric should not be out of place in high humidity. The destination brides should spend some time in market research for their wedding dress so that they can look trendier yet they should feel like a bride and not like a guest in a party. The beach wedding dress should be a perfect merge of elegance and simplicity. The beach wedding can let you enjoy the sun tan in your comfortable wedding outfit. The wedding becomes more personalized with only few of your close friends and relatives attending the ceremony. This involves more frolic and enjoyment. After the small celebration, the newly wed couple skips off to honeymoon in their pre-arranged accommodation.

Even though the beach wedding is very informal, make sure to pick the right accessories with your wedding dress. The bride will look magnificent by plugging some fresh flowers in her hair. It will not only make you look fresh but also will complement the wedding theme. Try not to tie up your hair completely, instead allow it to flow naturally. Proper care should be taken to cover up your lovely feet. Go for flip-flops or sandals instead of shoes, which will go right with an informal beach wedding dress. This would be the most appropriate decision yet it will come in your budget as well. Also, inform your guest well in advance that it would be an informal party otherwise they will end up in formal outfit. To make the wedding livelier, the invitation card should also relate to the theme of the party. It should be vary casual and to provide a more personalized touch give a hand made invitation card. Also plan what you are going to give to your guest as favors. A pair of flip-flops or sandal to ladies would be a great as well as an inexpensive idea.

One of the unique selling points of a beach wedding is that you don’t have to much thoughtful about your wedding attire. In fact, the wedding dress could be picked off the rack for the couple with short engagement. You might even be lucky to get a perfect fitting beach wedding dress without any need for alterations. Even if alterations are required it would be normally minimal and wouldn’t take much of your time. One important factor to consider is the weather. Even if you have planned your wedding in a beautiful day, the breezes at the ocean might blow off some loosely fitted part of the dress. Look for some better options to avoid such inconvenience. Make sure to pin your hat properly, if you consider wearing one. Besides, opt for the dress as per the season as well. If you are uncomfortable to carry a floral bouquet with your wedding informal frock, take few long stemmed lilies or white roses beautifully laced with a ribbon. A small basket filled with roses, lilies or daisies look good too. In fact, flowers perfectly complement your beach wedding.

While giving the order for your beach wedding dress make sure to ask about the expected delivery time. Make sure that your wedding attire is handover to you few days well in advance. This will give you enough time for trial and making some alterations if required. If possible ask them to give in writing about the arrival time of your dress. Most important thing is that it’s the most important day of your life so try to make it as special as you can. The perfect location, perfect man and your perfect dress, there could be nothing more that you could have desired for.

Reasons Why Carnations Are the Perfect Flower for Your Wedding Decor

Carnations, The Other Beautiful Flower

As we all know, flowers and weddings go hand in hand.  There are so many choices to choose from; we have roses, calla lilies, daisies, tulips, orchids, and hydrangeas, to name a few. With this wide array of flowers to choose from, no wonder brides feel like kids in a candy store when it’s time to visit the florist.  

As soon as we walk in the door, our senses are bombarded by all the beautiful scents and colors.  Before we even begin talking about price, we’ve made up our minds…we want it, and we want it all!  However, there is that hidden beauty, that stepchild like Harry Potter locked in the closet with so much potential, waiting to present itself to the world; That “Other Flower” is the carnation. 


This Inexpensively Fabulous Wedding Tip is about the carnation, which is one of the most beautiful & overlooked flowers; and let’s face it, many of us are flower snobs and we turn our noses down the Carnation.  I’ll be fair and admit, that the “snobbishness” is not totally our fault. We’ve been conditioned to associate the Carnation with cheapness, low quality or funerals.  It’s usually used as filler or an accent to a more popular flower such as the rose.  However, the popularity of the bloom is growing and one person to thank for that is Martha Stewart.   Her love of carnations is slowly becoming contagious.  Alone, a carnation can look like a small, twiggy flower with no true beauty, but with the right amount of creativity, carnations can be striking not to mention budget friendly.

Just imagine a group of carnations bundled together in pink, yellow, red, and orange. It’s this type of arrangement that can give an ordinary table setting more flavor & pizzazz.  It can also add a more fun and whimsical feeling to your day.

But what if your color palette is more monochromatic, will Carnations still work for you? Of course they will, we have to keep in mind that carnations can be as equally striking in one color.  A group of deep red carnations can summon the same idea of spicy romance as red roses can.  You can have a bed of carnations as a place for the seating cards.  Another cool and Inexpensively Fabulous idea is to have a ring “pillow” made out of carnations or you can even create a centerpiece using carnations.

The greatest thing about carnations is the price, and for brides planning weddings on a budget, price is key!  Carnations are reasonably priced and can suit any budget.  25 stems of carnations can cost about $20 dollars less than 25 stems of 60 cm roses.   So remember, using carnations as substitute flowers can really make a big difference with your floral budget & still make your event Inexpensively Fabulous!

The Rise of Casual Wedding Dresses: A Modern Twist on Tradition

Casual Wedding Dresses

Wedding is a very special affair and even in few years ago, people used to plan and prepare its dresses taking months together. Those were the days when wearing formal traditional wedding dresses was almost mandatory. But, with change in lifestyle and people's attitude towards social ethos, formal bridal dresses are gradually receding giving way to the next generation casual wedding dresses.

Shifting of marriage venues from churchyards to backyards has also contributed greatly in encouraging using casual wedding dresses. If you are planning to solemnize your much awaited marriage ceremony secretly in an isolated island, will you bother to go for the minute details of a formal nuptial? Collecting short informal dresses will certainly be your first preference then. Such informal dresses have their inherent advantages over their counterparts. Opportunity of creating one's own personalized wedding dresses also exists with the casual wedding attires. Seeing great potential, designers and manufacturers are also now days busy developing exotic and relaxing casual marriage dresses.

Depending upon the place of celebration, nature and design of your casual wedding dresses should be decided. Marriage at one's own backyard with complete family gathering requires sober and decent dresses. If it is a hot summer evening, you must not choose something that may help you sweat further. A nice designer strapless may fulfill your requirement. You may also go for sleeves, if you feel uncomfortable with the strapless exposures. A square or v-shaped neckline may be chosen to suit your taste. With casual bridal dresses, there exist actually unlimited options to choose ideal marriage attires. Few very common examples of informal marriage outfits are halter neckline, designer silhouettes, sleeves, waistlines, skirts with matching jackets, bridal trains, etc.

Casual wedding dresses provide an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Splendid embroidery works and fabrics generally form part of such informal nuptial attires. Design of these works may be ordered or can be best chosen to suit one's own personality and budget. If you are searching for a perfect beach wedding dress, you may go for white colored short skirt. In such cases, you must not forget to collect appropriate veils, sunglasses, hair bands, and footwear, etc. In other locations, your wedding accessories may differ, but they must not be ignored. Else, your informal wedding attire alone will not be able to prepare you exotically for your partner.

Casual wedding dresses are very common for the people who always want to establish uniqueness in their every sphere of activities, or in the case of second or third marriage ceremonies. Though white and ivory are the two prominent colors for most of the informal wedding dresses, but you have the full liberty to choose pink, yellow, green, red, etc. as favorite colors for your dream wedding attires. As these dresses have very limited after use, you most not go for costly deals. After a littler search at your local boutique shops, departmental stores, or in various online virtual stores, you will be able to locate fabulous casual bridal dresses within reasonable prices. If you have enough times on hand, you may search for discounted dresses. On the other hand, if you have little time, patience, creativity and intention, you yourself can design marvelous personalized casual bridal dresses.

How To Choose The Right Online Wedding Planner For Your Big Day

How To Choose The Right Online Wedding Planner For Your Big Day

How To Choose The Right Online Wedding Planner For Your Big Day


Sealing the Vows Online | A Guide on How to Choose the Right Online Wedding Planner for Your Big Day

In the age of digital connectivity, where every aspect of our lives finds its virtual counterpart, wedding planning has gracefully taken its place in the online realm. Planning the perfect wedding is a joyous yet intricate endeavor, and the right online wedding planner can be the digital maestro orchestrating your dream celebration. Today, join us as we embark on a journey to demystify the process—offering insights and tips on how to choose the right online wedding planner for your big day.

Navigating the Digital Landscape:

As couples embrace the convenience and flexibility of online wedding planning, the digital landscape opens up a world of possibilities. From virtual venue tours to digital mood boards, the online realm offers tools that streamline the planning process, making the journey to "I do" a collaborative and seamless experience.

Defining Your Vision:

Before diving into the realm of online wedding planners, it's crucial to define your wedding vision. Whether you envision a romantic garden affair or a chic urban celebration, understanding your style, preferences, and priorities sets the stage for choosing a planner that aligns with your unique vision.

Features to Look For:

The right online wedding planner goes beyond basic functionalities; it becomes a partner in turning your dreams into reality. Look for features such as user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive budgeting tools, guest management options, and collaboration capabilities that facilitate seamless communication with vendors.

Realizing the Personal Touch:

While the digital world offers convenience, the personal touch is paramount in wedding planning. Seek online wedding planners that prioritize personalized services, offering virtual consultations, responsive customer support, and a platform that adapts to your individual needs.

Reviews and Recommendations:

Before entrusting your big day to an online wedding planner, explore reviews and seek recommendations. Real-life experiences from couples who have navigated the planning process online can provide valuable insights into the strengths and potential drawbacks of different platforms.

The Exciting Journey Ahead:

As you step into the world of online wedding planning, armed with digital tools and boundless possibilities, may this guide serve as a compass in choosing the right online wedding planner for your celebration. Whether you're a tech-savvy couple embracing the digital age or someone seeking to simplify the wedding planning journey, the online realm awaits with resources designed to transform your dreams into a reality.

Here's to the exciting journey ahead—the exploration of virtual venues, the creation of digital mood boards, and the seamless collaboration with vendors, all culminating in the joyous celebration of your love. Welcome to the world of online wedding planning, where the right planner becomes the digital architect of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

The Internet has proven to be a lifesaver of sorts in all areas of our lives. We can handle all of our finances online, buy a house online and now even plan our wedding online. With an online wedding planner all you need to do is fill in some standard information and you’ll be well on your way to a happy and successful wedding day.

The way these programs work is fairly straightforward. Depending on the size and location of your wedding you can use an online wedding planner to help you choose the venue as well as plan the meal. An online wedding planner can even compare the cost of dresses or tuxedo rentals, which helps you save not only valuable time in research but also money as well.

A calendar is essential when it comes to planning an event like a wedding. Of course picking the actual date of the marriage is the first step, but you also need to jot down other notable dates including when to send out the invitations, when to confirm the menu with the caterer and when wedding dress fittings are scheduled for. An online wedding planner can take care of all of this. In fact your online wedding planner may also have a feature that sends you automatic email reminders of notable dates so you don’t forget a thing.

If you are utilizing the help of a family member or perhaps a maid of honor, you can send them the link to your online wedding planner too. They’ll be able to quickly check what needs to be done and add anything you may have overlooked. A wedding can be a stressful time for the bride-to-be so having someone else with access to your online wedding planner looking things over will ensure that the day goes as smoothly as possible.

One feature that some planners have is the ability to keep track of who is and isn’t attending your wedding, along with their contact snail mail or email addresses. This is such a help when it comes time to send out all of those thank you notes after the big day. You simply log into your online wedding planner and you’ll have the guest’s name, their address and what they gave you as a gift. It makes the process of saying thank you so much easier.

Finding one is easy with a simple search. It’s a great idea to begin using one early in the wedding planning process as it’s better to plan earlier rather than later. With the aid of an online wedding planner, the only hitch that day will be the one between you and your fiancĂ©e.


As we draw the virtual curtain on our exploration of choosing the right online wedding planner, we find ourselves at the threshold of a transformative journey—one that promises to turn dreams into reality, effortlessly orchestrated in the digital realm. Navigating the landscape of online wedding planning is an exciting endeavor, and with the right tools and insights, the path to your big day becomes a seamless and joyous adventure.

Choosing the right online wedding planner involves more than just navigating digital features; it's about finding a virtual partner that aligns with your vision, understands your unique style, and enhances the overall experience of planning your celebration. Whether you're drawn to the convenience of collaborative tools, the flexibility of virtual consultations, or the personalized touch of responsive customer support, the online world offers a plethora of options to suit your preferences.

As you embark on this digital journey, let the lessons learned in this guide serve as a compass—guiding you through the vast landscape of features, considerations, and the personalized touch that transforms an online wedding planner into a trusted companion. Realizing your wedding vision becomes an exhilarating collaboration between your dreams and the capabilities of a platform designed to bring them to life.

Before you click "I do" to your chosen online wedding planner, take a moment to reflect on your journey, explore reviews, and seek recommendations from those who have walked this digital aisle before you. In the digital orchestra of wedding planning, every tool, feature, and collaboration contributes to the symphony that will be your big day.

Here's to the digital architects, the virtual visionaries, and the seamless collaborations that make online wedding planning an innovative and exciting chapter in the story of your love. As you navigate the final details and countdown to your celebration, may your chosen online wedding planner become the digital curator of memories, orchestrating a day that is as unique and extraordinary as the love you share. Cheers to the journey, the celebration, and the joy that awaits in the world of online wedding planning!

Tips for Decorating a Stunning Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Decorating

As the matron of honor you sometimes have to be included in some major decisions. The event was very small and the bride was considering whether or not she wanted a friend of hers to make the cake. Wedding cake decorating is an intimidating process but her friend insists that she will do a wonderful job.

We have talked the whole thing over a number of times and if the lady has a grasp on wedding cake decorating methods then maybe this would be the best choice for the couple. They are not able to spend a lot of money because neither of them have parents who are able to contribute to the event. The cost of the ceremony and the reception lies in the hands of the couple.

My husband and I paid for our own wedding and reception and I have to admit that I did consider taking some courses on wedding cake decorating myself. I wound up buying three sheet cakes that I placed on tiers. My wedding cake decorating skills were so lacking that I just put fresh flowers on the cakes and went with that.

I did get a lot of great feedback but that was only because many of the guests thought that the flowers were hand drawn with icing. They were amazed by my wedding cake decorating skills until they got up close to the display. My pastry was fine but really nothing amazing.

The bride for this event does want something special but she can’t envision paying up to eight bucks per slice of cake for the event. Her friend is offering to take on the task of the wedding cake decorating as a present for the couple. The bride and I decided to look up some information about the process before giving a response.

The lady is a natural when it comes to baking and her regular birthday cake decorations are amazing. Everyone wants to see what she is going to do next. She is a wonder when it comes to baking as well as designing. She is very talented but is she talented enough for wedding cake decorating, too?

We immediately went to to find out whether the average cook could take on such a project. I wish that I would have consulted this site before my reception. This site takes you through each and every step of the wedding cake decorating project. It includes everything from the supplies that you will need to the final touches.

The bride decided to accept the gift and I have to say that she made the right decision. The wedding cake decorating project looked very professional. Ironically, the designer used fresh flowers on the arrangement. Great minds think alike. 

Essential Tips for Hiring the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer

The most important thing to remember is, Photographs are your lasting reminder of your wedding day. They will remind you of the atmosphere of your wedding, your dress, family, and guests. They will be on display in your home, and  are a record of the most special day of your life for you to look back on.

Find your photographer

It is vital to find a photographer who is experienced and aware of the requirements for your special day. You need to feel  sure that the photographer you choose will take photographs showing the heart and soul of your wedding and be able to make you and your guests look fantatstic.

There are many photographers available to you. Photographers are a varied breed specialising only in weddings or doing weddings only as a sideline. Some do little or no advertising, others advertise in many places. A good place to start would be to make enquiries with the selected photographers that appear in the     local paper in your town You may also consider asking friends and family for recommendations. It is also worth trying your local camera club to see if they have any members who are wedding photographers.

There is a professional Guild of Wedding Photographers to which some photographers choose to belong that publishes a list of it's members. Although it is not an full list of  wedding photographers, it can prove a useful reference point if you are struggling to find a suitable one.

Making contact

Once a firm date for your wedding is decided, you can begin contacting photographers to see if they are available. It is worth starting your search for a photographer early, as the better ones are booked up quickly. It is vitally important that you view a photographer's work before you book. Never book over the phone.

A good tip is to  invite a few people to come with you when you visit a photographer, especially if they have a hand in paying for the photographs. The presence of a parent, bridesmaid/best man or friend will help you to keep a clear head and give you advice on the appearance of the photographer and his work.

Decide what you want

You need to have a clear idea in your minds of what you expect your wedding photographs to be like, or at least some idea of style or specific shots required.

Would you like traditional or more journalistic style of photographs?

Do you want exclusively formal shots?

Would you like portraits of special people taken at home on the morning of the wedding, 

Would you like a confetti in the air shot, and do you mind if this is staged rather than spontaneous?

Do you want colour, black and white or sepia, or a section of them all?

Know what to ask for.

There are a number of things to look for when you examine the work of a photographer.

Ask to see complete albums of photographs from two or three weddings. 

Do you feel that the album tells the story of the whole wedding?

Do the  pictures of the couple differ from each other: some close up, some mid distance, some full length?

Are the groups shots  group shots well organised?

Ensure that the person is the centre of focus in the picture rather than the background.

Make sure you can  detail in the pictures: of the dress, the cake and the flowers

Would you feel happy owning your version of the pictures you are shown?

Questions to ask

Remember, it is important to discuss all of your needs with your photographer. They will do a  better job of your wedding photographs if they are  conscious of your hopes for the final outcome. Make a list of your wants and likes.

Here are some important questions to ask the photographer. 

Ask if the person you are meeting will be the person there on your wedding day. 

 Ask how long they have been a photographer, and how long they have been taking photographs of weddings.

Ask if the photographer has professional indemnity insurance to cover the cost of retaking your photographs if something goes horribly wrong. 

Find out how long the photographer spends taking their shots after the ceremony and/or at the reception. 

Ask how the photographer copes if the weather is not good.. Here it will help if the photographer has worked at your wedding and reception venues previously and knows the local area.

When making  a booking

Having found a photographer that suits your requirements you need to discuss a price for the job. You will find that you generally get what you pay for and the more experienced photographers are likely to charge more, but this is not always the case.

Make sure you ask each photographer to quote for the same job otherwise you will not be able to compare quotations. There are  variables in the cost of a wedding photographer: how long you want the photographer to be in attendance, the approximate number of photographs taken, the number of shots to be included in the package that is presented to you and the type of album the final photographs will be presented in. 

Finally, make sure the photographer explains their quote and tells you of any extras that may be involved in advance.

Unique Wedding Present Ideas That Will Leave the Bride and Groom Speechless

This summer, we have more than a few weddings coming up.  While I look forward to these events with great anticipation, I always have difficulty coming up with an idea for that perfect wedding present.  I know I will also be invited to the bridal showers for these events, which leads me to need two presents instead of just one.

The good thing is that bridal shower presents can generally be purchased from a wedding registry, and if you go to the store early you can get good pick and wind up with something that you really want to give to the recipient.  However, if you wait too long after receiving the invitation, presents will be picked over and you may end up with something that would not be your first choice.  In the end, though, bridal shower presents are generally much easier to purchase than a great wedding present.

I probably over think things, but I try to give a wedding present that goes along with a theme.  For instance, if I know they like being outdoors, one of my favorite gifts to give is a really nice all inclusive picnic basket and a few bottles of wine.  Or, if I purchase something like a mixer I also like to include a few personal recipes or even a full cook book purchased from a store.  Generally, I think it is nice to try to keep a wedding gift on a smaller size scale because it is difficult to transport gifts after a wedding reception.  Trying to keep that in mind, things can get a little dicey!

Many times, the type of wedding gift you give can depend on the area the wedding is taking place.  Some areas of the country have customary gifts, especially if it is given from a family member.  Also, in many areas of the country it is customary to simply give some form of money as a wedding gift.  I know in my area of the country, you very rarely see wedding gifts on the table during the wedding, but there are plenty of cards containing money.  However, when I go to family weddings in the Midwest, a wedding gift is usually a physical present and not money.

I am sure I will find something to give as gifts for my upcoming weddings, and I’m sure I will overanalyze what I end up giving.  I will have to just remember that it is the thought that counts, and if worse comes to worst I can always give the appreciated gift of cash!

How to Save Money on Bridesmaid Dresses Without Sacrificing Style

Are you searching for a Bridesmaid Cheap Dress?

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting, happy, and stressful times of the bride’s life.  It is a time filled with high emotions, loss of sanity, and gleeful delight as she plans the most important party of her life.  Part of the planning involves choosing bridesmaids, and then of course, the bridesmaid dresses.  Just like wedding gowns, the bridesmaid dresses can range in price from a few hundred dollars to the thousands.  If you are a bride on a budget, your bridesmaids may be as well, which is why it is important to find cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Once you have decided on your color palette for the wedding, you should have a good idea of what color your bridesmaids will be wearing.  At that point, it is time to choose the bridesmaid dresses.  Some women, when they think of a bridesmaid dress simply cringe, however with today’s new styles with charming ruffle trims, floral embellishments, flattering necklines, varied hemlines, and scope of fabric, there is no need to worry. 


With all sorts of fashionable upgrades for bridesmaid dresses, you may be worried about an upgrade in price as well.  Many fashion designers release bridesmaid lines that are completely affordable for any bridesmaid, no matter what her financial status is.  Some of the higher level and couture designers, such also offer a ready-to-wear line, so that finding a cheap bridesmaid dress is even easier than expected.  Many brides and their maids worry when looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses that inexpensive means poor quality, which is hardly the case.  With so much competition out there, many design houses now are offering high quality and fashionable bridesmaid dresses at competitive prices.  

One way to find cheap bridesmaid dresses is to shop around.  There are many different wedding related websites and resources online that help brides and their maids find the perfect dress for the occasion.  In fact, many of these resources offer discount codes, special offers, and tips on finding affordable bridal fashions.  Also, many bridal salons will offer a discount when buying several dresses at a time, perfect for cheaper bridesmaid dresses.

When shopping around for bridesmaid dresses, one of the most popular tips is to check the bridal salons for bridesmaid dresses from the previous season.  Many dresses from previous seasons are still just as fashionable, but are sold at discounted rates.  Always be sure to check the sale sections of any bridal fashion websites and salons when on the prowl for cheap bridesmaid dresses, you may just find the perfect one.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Metal for Your Custom Wedding Ring

Wedding rings symbolizes the love and affection for one another. The importance that the ring holds makes it utmost importance to select nothing but the best – after all it is a lifetime investment too. Wedding rings are available in different shades and style. You can pick the one that goes right with your personality as well as preference. In most of the European country, gifting a ring to the beloved symbolizes an ever-lasting commitment. Traditionally, rings were mainly made out of iron but later on gold rings became more famous especially during the wedding ceremony. Now, diamonds wedding rings are more in with an entire range of fine and exclusive rings available. In India, rings are exchanged during a pre-wedding ceremony. In Spain and many other countries, women receive diamond engagement rings when they accept the proposal of their beloved.

Buying a wedding ring involves a thorough research about the availability of different styles of ring in terms of craftsmanship, quality and price. There is no boundary to the number of options available so you may always pick the style, which goes right with your pocket strength as well as individuality. Now days, host of options are available where you can get the style and shape of your ring as per your desire. Wedding rings generally doesn’t get the deserving public airing, but remember that this small piece of jewelry would be stuck to your finger almost in your entire living days. Try making it as personalized as you can. Don’t skimp on this element to save money, you might regret it later. Don’t get too dazing rings, but customize the ring as per your general style. It shouldn’t look out of place; instead get your wedding ring customized in such a manner that it complements you.

Some of you might have constraint with the budget. It’s not always necessary to buy the costliest wedding ring. A little bit planning and research can help you to buy marvelous custom wedding rings within your budget that looks magical. Just as you want to marry a person of your dream, make some effort to buy a wedding ring of your budget too. The wedding ring says aloud "I am engaged and devoted". Therefore, try to make it as special as the wedding day itself. Today, the wedding rings could be elaborated a lot but still you may find a little difficulty in finding a perfect match with the rest of your accessories. But to overcome this issue, large number of online accessories portal is available which caters to your entire requirement. 

This is a hassle free approach and it gives you a chance to compare the various options available. Few of the things to keep in mind while purchasing a ring are – make sure to ask about their credibility, ask them for a valuation certificate, ask them for the documentation with the purchase, tax invoice and written warranty. Give enough time to your jeweler so that your wedding ring is ready on time and you have enough time for trial and changes could be made if required. Getting an apt fitting ring is utmost important. You are spending a hell lot of money to get your dream ring, so make sure to get a perfect sized ring without any provision of being too tight to wear or too loose to slip it off. Also, choose the ring with a durable metal so that even the toughest labor that you endeavor doesn’t fade it away.

Women generally wear their old traditional jewelry during the wedding as lots of sentiments are attached to it. Those jewelry are not your own personal choice, it the emotional attachment which bind you to wear those. While on the contrary, the custom wedding rings are your own personal choice and so an immense importance should be given while selecting it which will stand the test of time. As women mostly prefer to wear diamond as they are considered to be "woman's best friend", always make sure to be well acquainted with four Cs - carat, clarity, cut and the color of the diamonds engraved in your ring. 

Some of the popular styles of women wedding rings are pave diamond bands, channel set diamond bands, and prong set bands, antique filigree rings, plain platinum rings and gold wedding bands. Traditionally, men chose to wear simple bands but lately stunning piece of men wedding rings is also available. Thousands of unique designs and styles of men’s wedding ring collection is easily found in the market. Most popular style includes traditional bands in gold or platinum, platinum wedding bands, hand crafted platinum rings, diamond bands and also two-tone bands. Come and devote some time to provide a personalized touch to your wedding ring to make it memorable for life long.

Creative Bridal Party Ideas for Unforgettable Memories

Bridal showers are one of the many traditional pre-wedding parties that are a lot of fun. The purpose of a bridal shower is for the bride to get together with her friends and family to eat, play games, and basically just enjoy herself before her wedding day. It is also a great time to shower the bride with gifts and good wishes. This is usually where the bride gets stuff like sleepwear, linen, accessories to accompany her into her marriage.

Planning a bridal shower can be fun and enjoyable too. But you need to be organized and plan it well in advance to avoid any hassles. Creating a shower checklist will help you on your way to organizing a great party. 

First thing you have to consider is, who should host the shower? Usually it's the maid of honor who hosts the party, but it can be anyone too, as long as it's well planned and approved by the bride. 

When to have your party? Usually it's 4-6 weeks before the wedding, because of the busy schedule of the bride. It can happen at any time of the day, whether brunch, lunch, an afternoon party, or even dinner.

Now, who to invite? A comfortable shower usually includes 10-20 people. You don't want to have too many people, just people you know really well. Customized shower invitations are great to give out, they don't have to be expensive.

Another thing to consider is your theme. It's great to consider a theme that represents the bride lifestyle or personality. The theme can then be incorporated in the decorations, food, favors, and invitations. 

Games are a great way to have interaction where everyone can get to know each other. So choose games that can encourage everyone to participate. Favors are a great way to show your appreciation to your guests. Again, it doesn't have to be expensive. A nice, small gift will do the the trick. 

Bridal showers are supposed to be fun and a well planned shower party is really worth it! This is a chance for the bride to enjoy and have a good time before her big day.

Crafting Your Own Wedding Crafts: Budget Friendly Tips And Tricks

Crafting Your Own Wedding Crafts: Budget Friendly Tips And Tricks

Wedding Crafts Ideas for Saving Money

Weddings are a joyous occasion but can get expensive in a hurry.  With wedding crafts you can insert a personal touch and hold the price down as well.  Here are a few ideas for wedding crafts to add sparkle and creativity to your big day.

It is not that hard to create your own wedding veil.  To make this wedding craft, you will need a length of bridal illusion in the desired length.  You will also need a comb to attach it to your hair and a hat or headpiece to cover the comb.  Sew large running stitches about an inch from the end of the illusion and gather it tightly.  Now  sew the veil to the comb.  Top with hat or headpiece.   As an alternative, you can decorate a wide-brimmed straw hat with silk flowers, ribbon, and pearls.

The bouquets and floral arrangements can also be personally crafted.  For a simple outdoor wedding, consider wild flowers.  They are free and have a charm all their own.  Bouquets can be arranged in large clear vases, with a bow tied elegantly around.

Favors for the guests are particularly appropriate wedding crafts.  Refrigerator magnets are a simple and well-received favor.  A really nice idea is to make a magnetic picture frame and include a picture of the couple.  You could cut a frame out of craft foam in one of the wedding colors, arrange over the photo, and glue all onto a cardboard backing.  Place self-adhesive magnet tape on the back of the cardboard.  Decorate the front of the frame with foil heart stickers and a monogram of the couple's last name.  

Bows for the ends of the pews or rows make simple wedding crafts.  Wide velvet ribbons are nice for fall and winter weddings, while satin is more appropriate for spring and summer weddings.  Loop some flat lace in with the ribbons.  In the center of the completed bow, attach some silk flowers and pearl sprays with a hot glue gun.

Crafting Your Own Wedding Crafts: Budget Friendly Tips And Tricks

Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at decorating your own cake.  Check the craft section of the department store for pans and gadgets of all types to help you create a cake to remember.  Do remember, though, that it takes a steady hand.  Be sure to practice before starting on the real cake.

Preparing for a wedding can be expensive, but with wedding crafts, you can take some of the sting out.  Plan early, however, because it will take a little while to make favors for everyone and all the other little details you will want to take care of.  Maybe creating wedding crafts will even relieve some of those wedding jitters.  In any event, crafting your own wedding items is a way to have a personal, beautiful, and less expensive wedding.

How to Choose the Perfect Personalized Wedding Favor for Your Guests

Personalized Wedding Favor

Wedding favors are as ancient a tradition as weddings themselves. As simple as candies or as elaborate as miniature golden carriages filled with rose petals, these token gifts for those who attend a wedding have become a big industry. These gifts, gestures, really, of appreciation to the guests from the marrying couple, are such a small detail, but can make such a large impact on those who receive them. In the past wedding favors were, on the whole, simpler objects, but as our cultures changed, so did all the things that comprise our culture...down to the details of wedding favors. Nowadays, there is an ever-growing range of wedding favors available for couples to give their guests, and it’s not just an American phenomenon: From country to country, wedding favors have become big business.

The concept of wedding favors has long been there in the human civilization and changes have occurred as times changed. The wedding favors in the older times were far simpler but they did have that unique touch to them which made the favor a special thing for the guests who attended the weddings. The wedding favors are a gesture of gratitude towards the guests, friends, and relatives who attend the wedding ceremonies and grace the occasion. Today there is a wide range of wedding favors available for couples to give to their guests and the sheer demand for them has given birth to the wedding favor industry in the world. Although the wedding favors vary from culture to culture, the idea behind it is common across all cultures.

The Tradition of Wedding Favors

The tradition of wedding favors dates at least as far back as the aristocracy of the Europeans in medieval times. These rich Europeans aristocrats lavished their guests with fancy wedding favors called bonbonnieres. Bonbonniere is a French word that means a bauble or a small box with attractive ornamentations on it, and this little box was generally made of porcelain, crystal, or even precious stones.  The aristocracy would then place little gifts within these ornate boxes, often sugar cubes or other such confections.

Since sugar was a rare and expensive item in those times it symbolized the status of aristocracy.  By giving a gift of sugar to their guests, the message was clear: We are well-off, look at what we can give away. Of course, as sugar become a common household commodity, it lost favor amongst the aristocrats, who then began favoring almonds and other expensive nuts. Later, confetti became popular. It’s interesting to note that modern weddings often make a nod to their aristocratic past by giving sugared almonds as a wedding favor.

If there’s one key difference between past and present wedding favors, it’s one of personalization. The aristocrats’ goal was to impress people with their wealth. The trend among modern couples, however, is the custom creation of gifts that bear the personal touch of the families and the couples. What better way to truly say thank you for thinking of us, than to give out thoughtful, meaningful gifts. It makes all the difference.

Personalized Wedding Favors

The centuries old tradition of the wedding favor has now been transformed into personalized, custom-made wedding favors. Although these personalized favors can be expensive, it’s not done to impress, but simply to show gratitude through personalization. First and foremost, these personalized wedding favors come with the name of the happy couple, often engraved somewhere. The date is also included, along with a short phrase summarizing the love of the couple, and their feelings for the guests. Inevitably, the gifts themselves are structured around a photo of themselves. Interesting to note, too, how many couples include their pets in the photo. A personal touch indeed!

These personalized wedding favors can reflect the wedding themes, for example the beach, or spring, as well as reflect the colors of the wedding itself. Couples can have wedding favors personalized for their beach wedding with products called Adirondack chairs, which feature tealite candles or a personalized heart-shaped bottles decorated with sand and seashells. Couples can also personalize their summer or spring wedding with favors that feature wild daisy flowers or cute flower hearts. Couples can also give edible wedding favors. Tiny bags of coffee or even chocolate bars can be personalized, now, as wedding favors. How about a wine bottle with personalized label? In that vein, glass wedding favors, or customized champagne chutes have also become a mainstay in personalized wedding favors.

Yes, personalizing one’s wedding favors can become an expensive ordeal, but when done right, the gifts can be a treasured memento.

Why Give Wedding Favors to Guests 

Although the aristocrats gave wedding favors merely as symbols of their wealth and power, that isn’t to say that wedding favors today still can’t carry with them some symbolism. They do.   There is, of course, the inherent symbol of gratitude that all gifts carry. But beyond that, wedding favors such as the giving of five Jordan almonds are symbolic of things like health, wealth, long life, fertility, and happiness which are the most important things in a happy marriage. Giving sugared almonds can be construed as recognizing that in marriage there can be bitterness and sweetness. 

Beyond the purely symbolic level, wedding favors often have practicality to them. Whether its a bottle of wine, or a box of candles, these gifts are to be used, not just admired. Though there certainly are wedding favors which are purely decorational. Still, that’s a function, isn’t it? Couples have given beautiful framed pictures of the beach where they had their first date, or a vase from the glass-blower at the county fair where they first met. Wedding favors are ultimately about the memories.

Wedding favors are also a great ice-breaker. Often there are guests at a wedding who know only a few or even just one of the other guests. But a creative wedding favor can open people up, and have guests mingling. Imagine giving, say, five different photos to each person at the wedding. People would then approach one another excitedly, “Let me see the ones you got!” Or how about giving different candied nuts to the guests. People will mingle and share.

Truly the bottom line in wedding favors is to give a thoughtful Thank You to all the guests who took the trouble to attend your wedding. Give a touch of symbolism, a dash of practicality, a touch of personality and love, and your guests will remember your wedding for a lifetime.

Creative Ways to Transform the Bride or Groom's Home into a Dream Reception Venue with a Marquee

Using the Bride or Grooms home as a reception venue with a Marquee

Most couples start to plan their Wedding Day as soon as the Engagement is announced. In most situations, there are two families to consider who may have had little contact with each other before the big announcement, or may indeed have ever met. No wonder most couples find this a daunting task! 

Using either the Bride or Groom’s home as a venue for the Reception will be an immediate icebreaker. As soon as your guests arrive at the Reception, there is plenty to talk about, unlike with an impersonal venue. Marquees now come in all shapes and sizes. Most marquee companies offer a free no obligation site survey. This is when they can look at all logistics for your day. From where your guests are going to park, through to which part of the garden is most suitable to site your reception. Incorporating garden features such as ponds, plant borders, statues & small trees will make your marquee unique & personal in a way no other venue can. Also, simple Uplighting using coloured gel overlays can create a striking look outside the marquee to illuminate your favourite trees, bringing your theme together. The internal marquee linings can be contemporary ivory, perhaps with a stunning starlight roof lining to create an intimate atmosphere over the dance floor. Some Brides incorporate their Bridesmaids colours into the marquee using swags & tails over classic ivory and also using coloured table linen for a more interesting look. 

For a surprise element to your reception, fake reveal linings can be used to hide an area until it comes into it’s own, for example a band can start to play behind the linings as they drop to reveal the dance floor, always a surprise to your guests and great for signalling that dinner is over and now it’s time to party! 

Flowers look exceptional in marquees. The roof height lends itself to dramatic floral displays; flower balls can easily be clamped to poles or suspended from the ridge of the marquee. Most mothers of the Bride and Groom really enjoy participating in this part of the decoration of the marquee. 

Catering for your guests outside is always one of the main attractions of the day. There are so many caterers to choose from who specialise in outside catering, from a full hot sit down meal to hog roasts, BBQs, chocolate fountains, vodka luge… Your caterer will prepare and cook for you in either a separate catering tent attached to the main marquee or an integral section of the main marquee. Most marquee companies now produce a Computer Aided Design illustrating the internal layout of tables, dance floor, access points, toilets etc to help both your caterers and other suppliers such as florists and DJ’s. 

Power solutions for lighting, caterers, DJs are usually overcome with a silent generator. The power is then distributed around the marquee as and where required. Diesel powered heating is ducted into the marquee from units placed outside and these are normally thermostatically controlled from within the structure

Toilets are sited close to the marquee and where possible in inclement weather within the marquee or attached to the main structure via walkways. Most couples opt for a trailer comprising ladies and gents. Some units even have piped music and DVDs playing, quite the talking point for frequenting guests!

Depending on your chosen location, there are basically two main types of marquee structure used for large gatherings such as weddings: 

Traditional Radial Tension Roof Marquees are very beautiful for brides where space is not an issue. They are integral in 20’ sections, with a 22’ high internal poles. These poles give the marquee an impressive feel and are usually decorated by the florist so that they become a feature. 

Clearspan Marquees are modular structures, with no guy ropes. They are more versatile than the Traditional Marquees because they can be configured perpendicular to each other to overcome awkward sites and also they may be fixed to hardstanding unlike the Traditional. 

Do remember most suppliers are booking up six months to a year in advance for popular summer dates, try not to leave choosing suppliers until the last moment. Planning early relieves stress and allows you to relax and continue to enjoy your Engagement.

Unleash the Fun: Top Engagement Party Games to Play with Your Friends and Family

 Engagement Party Games

The engagement party is a time when the families of the couple will get to know one another. In some cases, this might be the first meeting between the two families or groups of friends and any icebreaker activity will be a welcome event.

In that light, whoever plans the engagement party (likely the bride's family, but it can be the engaged couple or anyone else who wants to plan the party) should plan a few games and activities designed to help everyone get to know everyone else.

First up is a trivia game. Create a "Trivial Pursuit" type game with questions about the bride and groom's lives. You might contain the questions to just facts and events relating to both the bride and groom (such as how long did it take her to say "yes" when he asked, where did he propose, where did they meet, etc), or you can include questions pertaining to their lives outside of each other and before they met each other. Not only can this be fun, but also it's an entertaining way for people to get to know each other and the engaged couple better.

One popular icebreaker that's used at corporate functions and company parties can also work really well at engagement parties. Tape a card to each person's back and encourage him or her to work the room, mingle with everyone and particularly try to get to know someone they have never met before. Before moving on to someone else, be sure to make a comment about the person on the card on his or her back. Partiers write an impression of that person, such as "she seems sweet" or "he knows a lot about the weather". 

This icebreaker ends when the mingling session is over. The cards are then read one by one and people not only get to know each other better, but enjoy hearing all the comments people made about them. Try to ensure that comments are complimentary or somehow presented in a positive light. Hurtful comments, obviously, are not appropriate.

If this is truly the first time many of the guests have met, then another fun game involving the wearing of cards might be in order. In this game, each guest wears a card on their front that has their name on the front and a number on the back. They don't share with anyone what their number is. Guests mingle and chat and get to know each other over the course of the evening. 

Toward the end of the evening, the cards are flipped over and the number side is shown. Everyone gets a piece of paper and writes the numbers on the paper, then tries to correspond the name of someone with their number. This fun game can be hard for people who are bad with names, but it's fun nonetheless.

For an activity that doesn't put people on the spot quite so much, consider letting the already marrieds help out the to-be marrieds. Place two pieces of posterboard on the wall and mark them "advice from women" and "advice from men". Now is the time to offer advice about wedding planning, not about being married. That advice can come later. Encourage guests to offer their own wedding planning advice. The advice from older people at the party could be decidedly different from the younger couples in the group, making for an enlightening group of comments.


Happy Shavuot Greeting Cards | Printable PDFs

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