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Patios - Why You Need To Get A Patio Awning For Your Outdoor Space

Patios - Why You Need To Get A Patio Awning For Your Outdoor Space

Patio Awnings

Most of us consider the patio as the most cherished part of the house. Perhaps because it is the one place where we can relax. Or perhaps it is because the scent, sound, and sight of the outdoors are a source of comfort. Perhaps, solitude favors us when out there in the patio. Or perhaps, it is a setting for socializing with friends and neighbors. 

Whatever your reason, however varied, the patio is a very important component of our home. In fact, the only time it gives you any trouble is when the weather does not cooperate. But there is already a solution for that – patio awnings.

Beauty and Style

Rain or shine, having patio awnings allows you to enjoy your patio. Patio awnings come with covers that are of an endless variety of style and color. So there is little in the way of mixing and matching with other home decors and accessories. With so many varied designs and styles, you are sure to find one or two patio awnings that complement and enhance the look and feel of your patio. 

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Installing patio awnings is similar to adding an extension or a new room to your house. The patio is itself already a beautiful component that adds dimension to any home. If you add an awning to that, the result is something spectacular. Now you can imagine your patio as a sort of outdoor room that the whole family can enjoy. It’s like bringing the outside to the inside and vice versa. 


There are two types of patio awnings. One is manual, the other is automatic. Both allow you to adjust the awning pitches and fabric depth according to your needs. So if you feel that the sun is hotter on one spot of the patio, you can just press a button and the awning will increase the depth of the fabric over that portion. 

Manually adjusted patio awnings are often cheaper, but they can be a bit of a bother to adjust. If you don’t like manually adjusting the awnings yourself, then you’re better off with an automatic one. The automatic awning also comes with a manual override in case of a power outage. 

Other Uses

Patio awnings are not just for patios. They can also be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, many homemakers are making use of patio awnings to cover or decorate windows. 

They are very cost-efficient. You can use patio awnings to prevent sunlight from damaging the interior furniture. Not only that, awnings can also keep the temperature inside the home a little cooler even on hot summer days. Or you can choose to use the awning simply to beautiful the home and add a bit of charm to the interior.

Patios - How To Choose The Perfect Decor To Enhance Your Patio

Patios - How To Choose The Perfect Decor To Enhance Your Patio

Choosing The Perfect Patio Decor

Patios - How To Choose The Perfect Decor To Enhance Your Patio

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The choice of right patio décor certainly goes a long way into transforming an ordinary patio into an attractive and charming room. A patio décor breathes life into an otherwise gloomy room and fills it with character that gives the room a personal touch reflective of the owner’s personality and style.

Most people choose to decorate their patios with plants carefully placed in selected spots which easily draw's the attention of visitors. Plants are a natural choice. They are a study in simplicity yet brimming with life and color. 

Patios - How To Choose The Perfect Decor To Enhance Your Patio
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Everyone is a nature lover at heart and the idea of having our own garden, no matter how small, is very appealing. Plants’ natural beauty easily blends with all kinds of furniture and decorations, keeping everything in perfect harmony.

Plant stands and planters are available in different shapes, sizes, color and styles to further highlight their beauty. Plant hooks come in handy if you are thinking of livening your patio with hanging plants.

Patios - How To Choose The Perfect Decor To Enhance Your Patio

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Time and temperature pieces also serve as beautiful and functional accents. Dare to be different and use a sundial, and be transported to ancient times where precious minutes pass by, unhurried and unruffled, a quality which is definitely missing in today’s time pieces. 

Patios - How To Choose The Perfect Decor To Enhance Your Patio
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Wall decors and other decorative wall pieces further enhance your landscape with their eye-catching designs to spice up your outdoor setting. Lighting decors ranging from hanging lanterns to lighting centerpiece with different finishes not only adorn but illuminate the room. Any of these is an excellent patio décor that you will enjoy immensely for a long time.

Or you might prefer to place topiary bird cages, herb baskets, filigree bowls or champagne baskets to add a touch of class to your patio. Colorful cushions and pillows with brilliant colors and designs can also add zest and cheerfulness to your outdoor living areas.

Shelves and brack plant sets are both functional and attractive decors which can hold , mailboxes, vases or potteries. Doormats that come in different finishes and styles can also be personalized, giving your patio a cozy look.

Adorn your patio with the patio décor of your choice. Make the place come alive. Make it a place for happy gatherings or quiet, intimate conversations. There are limitless choices and it can be fun and challenging to experiment with colors and styles until you come up with the ideal match that suits your taste.

Allow your persona to shine through with your choice of patio décor. There are different stores around specializing in decors that are eager to help you.    

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Patios - Keep The Cold Nights Away And Stay Warm With A Patio Fireplace


Patios - Keep The Cold Nights Away And Stay Warm With A Patio Fireplace

A Patio Fireplace

A patio fireplace adds a romantic touch to your outdoor setting, the warm flickering orange glow from the fire bathing the entire room with a soft light that gives it an ethereal quality. It is ideal for an intimate tete-a- tete while you bask in the warmth of the fire, safe and protected from the chilly winter nights. Not only functional, a patio fireplace also serves as a decorative piece, a focal point of beauty and romance.

There are different styles to choose from, all attractive, safe, and affordable. Chimeneas were used by the Mexicans in the 17th century to bake bread and to provide heat in their houses in cold nights. It is the sentimental choice for  many , reminiscent as they are of olden  days in Mexico and also very practical. A fire pit is appealing to the eye and very functional. It may be built into your yard, constructed above ground or portable. It can burn charcoal and wood and may be used for cooking. In fact, you can serve delicious burgers on the grill to your guests with a reliable fire pit.  

A Pagoda outdoor fireplace, a favorite patio firplace with its distinctly oriental look, adds mystique and excitement to the atmosphere, setting the mood for as intimate evening with your loved one. It burns wood, charcoal or pressed logs, creating an enchanting scene of rustic charm evocative of ancient times, heightening emotions already  made vulnerable by the warm, cozy glow of the fire.

While others are drawn by the old-fashioned charm of chimeneas or the exotic beauty of an Oriental pagoda fireplace, there are others  who show a disdain for this display of sentimentality  and  find solace and comfort in the more practical choice of a 

gas fueled patio fireplace or a portable outdoor fireplace. Perhaps they find security in their familiarity and association with present times. Or maybe the appeal lies with their being less cumbersome, less time-consuming and more practical to use, needing only a match to ignite the fire immediately.

There is an array of choices which should make the decision of buying a patio fireplace a tough one. But it all boils down to choosing a fireplace that will satisfy your needs and complement your personality. One’s creativity is piqued with the challenge of finding the perfect choice of a patio fireplace which achieves just the right blend of comfort, usefulness and style. Forget those chilly nights and be insulated from the cold. Choose your fireplace now.

Patios - Top Reasons Why You Need A Patio For Your House

Patios - Top Reasons Why You Need A Patio For Your House 

Rain, hail, sleet, snow, toads, and whatever other meteorological wonders you can think of – These are the things you can expect from a patio. It doesn’t sound all that great, does it? Ah, but we’re only showing you one side of the coin.

Your patio is what adds dimension to your house. An outdoor place that adjoins your house, the patio is your connection to outside recreation. It is often roofless, often paved, and often formed with layers of sand and cement. And on top of all that sand and cement, concrete and stone slabs are added to create that whole “ston-y” look.

Because it is essentially an open space, the patio is usually roofless, which lack of roofing accounts for the interesting nature-istic things you sometimes find, as though Mother Nature is trying to remind you that hey, she exists and she’s beautiful. So what better way to appreciate Nature than to make your patio live-able?

Well, maybe not live-able in the sense that you have to live in it. But if you were to add stuff in it – stuff like furniture, awnings to protect you from adverse weather conditions, or maybe even a gazebo – it would make all the difference in the world. 

Next thing you know you’ll be spending your days under the protective awning canvas, enjoying meals with your family and friends. It may even give you an idea to have a barbecue party with a little help from your trusty grill and other fire-making apparatus. 

You can change the patio awning according to whatever style, color, and size strike at the moment. Plus, you do not have to worry too much about the costs involved because patio awnings are cheap – cheaper than a gazebo and a pool, at least. 

However, if you want to combine the element of coziness and attractiveness, you may want to plan on setting up a patio gazebo. It’s easy. The only important thing to remember is the location of your gazebo. 

Where do you want it on your patio? 

The main factor to consider is your patio size. Is it mid-size or small-ish? If so, then you might want to set up your gazebo at a corner where it won’t get in the way but still remain noticeable. 

Gazebos are installed by bolting them to the surface. Or, if you want a sturdier foundation, you have the option of cutting postholes where you can insert the poles and seal them to the ground with cement. 

One advantage gazebos have over awnings is that they are certainly more structurally reliable. In fact, some wrought-iron gazebos are free-standing. Their heavy weight, the only thing keep them from being blow away with winds.

Patios - Tips And Tricks For Getting The Best Patio Furniture For Your Space

Patios - Tips And Tricks For Getting The Best Patio Furniture For Your Space

Patio Furniture

Furniture buying is somewhere between difficult and exciting. If you just moved and are uber-excited about your first foray into amateur interior design, then you probably view furniture buying as more along the latter end of the spectrum. 

But the rules are actually quite simple. Have a theme in mind (necessary if you want a sense of continuity in your home), then for all the rest, just mix and match.

Of course, there are a million other things you have to take note of – e.g., budget, space, and other headache-inducing factors – but basically, those are the only rules you need. Just follow them and you can hardly go wrong. 

Now, apply the same rules with buying furniture for your patio. Make no mistake. Buying patio furniture is different from buying furniture for the interior of your home. There are minor nuances included in patio furniture buying that you usually overlook when buying home furniture. 

For instance, you don’t worry about whether or not your couch could withstand the weather because after all, what weather? The thing is going to end up in your living room under a sheltering roof. 

On the other hand, if you were looking to buy patio furniture, such as a garden bench, you always consider the kind of material it is made of. Will it crack when sitting under the sun for too long? Will it end up moldy after rain and sleet and snow? Will it get blown away by whipping wind?

The weather should come into account when shopping for patio furniture. Moreover, do not just contemplate normal weather conditions because there is no telling when adverse weather conditions may occur. 

But other than that, buying patio furniture applies basically the same rules as buying chairs and tables for your home. You keep a theme in mind. It’s outdoors, so you want things to be a bit on the rustic side. Or maybe, you fantasize about living in England where dainty tea parties are held in wonderfully manicured gardens, in which case, you need patio furniture that exude class and charm. 

After you have made up your mind on the theme, then you can work on the mixing and matching part. Your patio furniture should match the style or color of your awning or gazebo. 

Awnings come in various fabrics, sizes, and colors so your range of choices is wide. Plus, your patio furniture should match each other as well. No, we’re not exactly suggesting that you get set pieces of patio furniture. That would be expensive.

But when you do shop for a chair and a table, keep your theme in mind. That way, even when your furniture pieces do not exactly match each other, the theme they share add that all-important sense of continuity in your patio. 


Patios - Reasons Why You Need To Customize Your Space With Patio Umbrellas

Patios - Reasons Why You Need To Customize Your Space With Patio Umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas

You love to stay in your patio. Watch the world go by. Listen to birds twittering as they bathe in the pond or the garden fountain. Enjoy the weather. From your position under the shade of your patio awning, you think, “Life is beautiful.” 

But something is actually missing. You think hard to yourself as you try to put a finger on it. What is it? And suddenly, like a gust of wind that blasts through you, you realize what it is.

Of course! They are all the rage these days. No patio should go without one. And what’s more, patio umbrellas are not only ideal for your patio; they also make perfect poolside accents and garden pieces. 

There are many different kinds of patio umbrellas. So you will find little trouble finding one you like. Attractive, affordable, practical – patio umbrellas are available in many different styles and sizes. 

However, patio umbrellas are broadly categorized into two types. The first type is that one that always seems to come to mind when one thinks about patio umbrellas. You can use it via a pole which you then attach to the center of the table. This type of patio umbrellas has the typical umbrella shape but may use different types of fabrics to suit your taste.

The other type of patio umbrellas is the freestanding or offset one. This is good if you don’t like a pole in between you and your guests. And precisely because these patio umbrellas are freestanding, they are especially convenient to move around, providing you with the most sun protection it can provide.


Patio umbrellas are made to withstand harsh weather. This is only practical since this piece of patio accessory is meant to spend most of its time outdoors where it is exposed to all sorts of adverse weather conditions.

Aside from tough fabrics that can withstand weather elements, patio umbrellas may also come with frames made of aluminum or wood, which are the two most common materials often used for garden and patio furniture. 

Aluminum is not susceptible to rust, so you can expect your patio umbrellas made of aluminum to last a long time. On the other hand, wood has a long history of being the preferred material used for patio furniture and accessories, including patio umbrellas. In fact, patio umbrellas made of wood are the highest quality, and because of that, they can also be expensive.


The good thing about choosing patio umbrellas made of durable material is that you can take them anywhere with you with little worry. If you have any plans of going to the beach or the lake some time, then you can bring along your patio umbrellas with you to provide you shade as you relax near the water. Just make sure to choose patio umbrellas that are made of light, portable material.

Patios - Top Things You Need To Consider Before Shopping For Patio Covers

Patios - Top Things You Need To Consider Before Shopping For Patio Covers

Patio Covers

The patio is one of the most interesting places in your house. It adds dimension to your home, gives it an added depth. Naturally, you want the things you put in or on it to complement each other. 

If your patio was designed by an architect, the patio covers would have to be of appropriate quality and custom-made. However, if you built your patio all on your own, then your patio covers should be one that is durable and easily fixed. 

Keeping those two important qualities in mind, selecting patio covers is also about personal preference. After all, you built your patio. It follows that you should have a say on what style, quality, color, and size the patio cover is going to be. 

However, keep in mind that there are other factors to consider as well. So just because your neighbor’s patio cover looks good, it might not necessarily be the right one for your own patio. Consider the cost. It might be out of budget. Consider the style. It might not match the house layout and usage. 

Your neighbor’s patio cover may only be for general use, while you need yours to place a grill, a table and a few chairs, or a clothes hanger. Your neighbor’s patio may be used for entertainment purposes so the covers are snazzy and eye-catching. On the other hand, you may only use your patio as a hobby or recreation room, deserving a more subdued design for a patio cover. 

When choosing patio covers, do not go by just what is available. Instead, consult the opinion of friends and family. Magazines may also be of some help. They can give you some ideas on how you want your patio to look like. 

There are plenty of designs available. You can choose from colored awnings to striped ones, partial patio covers to patio umbrellas. There are also patio covers made of aluminum for longer-lasting shade and durability (Aluminum does not rust) and patio covers that are made of wood. Both offer you full protection against sun and rain and other adverse weather conditions.

There are patio covers that are lattice or dome-shaped; patio covers that are fashionable or traditional. You can choose whatever shape, basing your choice only on the décor and shape of the structure supporting the cover. 

Consider also how much shade you want. If you want partial cover, then patio umbrellas or awnings can provide shade in specific portions of your patio while leaving the rest of the area open-space. On the other hand, if you want full protection from the weather, then full covers are the way to go. If you choose the latter, dome-shaped canopy comes in clear and bronze tints.

Patios - How To Lay Stones In Your Patio Space For An Attractive Ambience

Patios - How To Lay Stones In Your Patio Space For An Attractive Ambience 

Laying Patio Stones

Patios are favorite home additions because they provide an ideal space for families to enjoy and relax outdoors. There are different styles and designs of patios. One element that completes the overall look of the patio is the surface. We can use a number of materials to pave your patio including patio stones, which are one of the most popular choices. 

Patio stones, also called slabs or flags, are made of pressed concrete. These blocks are flat and either rectangular or square. Patio stones, which are five centimeters thick, come in standard sizes of 60 x 60 centimeters or 60 x 75 centimeters up to 60 x 90 centimeters. 

Usually, patio stones are grey or dark grey in color much like concrete. Earthy colors such as terra cotta or red are also common. More unique colors are now widely available so you can easily pick out the color of patio stones that will match your garden’s color scheme. Others use two colors or more colors to create beautiful patterns. They work well with other patio or garden materials such as bricks and rocks, which you can use as borders. 

The affordability of patio stones makes them an attractive choice. Obviously, plain stones are cheaper but patio stones look better.  Additionally, they are easy to put in because of their uniform thickness. Patio stones are ideal surfaces for walkways or areas with foot traffic..

When laying patio stones, or any surface material, keep your hands and feet protected by wearing work or gardening gloves and boots. To install patio stones, begin by removing the grass from the area. After clearing the grass, build a frame for the patio area. You can use aluminum or treated lumber among other materials. Support the outside edges of the frame with stakes. 

Then, put about 1 inch of sand over the area and then level the sand and tamp with a hand or mechanical tamper to make it compact. You can also spray it carefully with water making sure to spray upwards. Next, place the patio stones in the area starting from one corner. Check if the patio stones are level. Fill spaces with sand and then sweep the area. To add some touch to your patio stone surface, leave 60 to 90 centimeters of space across the area unpaved and add some plants. Depending on how big the area you will be working on, this project is something you can do yourself or with the help of a couple of friends. 

Patios - How To Make The Right Choice When Choosing A Patio Door

Patios - How To Make The Right Choice When Choosing A Patio Door

Patio Door

When choosing a patio door, there is only one thing to keep in mind: It is not just a door. So it is important that you make the right choice. As to the question of what the right choice is, it depends on your definition of “right.” In other words, the whole exercise has everything to do with your personal preference.

You have a variety of patio door styles and sizes to choose from. And each one of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. From French to sliding glass doors to patio doors ranging in width from five to over twelve feet – it’s your choice that matters. 

But to nudge you in the right direction, here is a list of choices you have when looking for the right door for your patio:

  • Sliding Doors

Think of them as huge picture windows that you can walk through. The panes of glass are usually mounted in a frame that comes equipped with rollers. And that’s why they slide when you open them.

Sliding patio doors come in a variety of materials. Aluminum is, by far, the most common and also the least expensive. Because aluminum does not rust, sliding patio doors made of this material are only practical.

Another option you have for your sliding doors is vinyl. Characterized as low maintenance but energy efficient, vinyl doors have tough frames that are easily maintained. In fact, with regular maintenance, sliding patio doors made from vinyl could look new for years.

Wood, of course, will always be an option for sliding patio doors. They are the highest quality and offer the same natural aesthetic qualities as traditional wood doors. The only difference is that wood sliding doors offer a full view because of the large glass panes. But, as to be expected from high quality material, wood doors are also the most expensive of patio doors. 

A somewhat less expensive alternative you have to wood doors is wood clad doors. These patio doors are wooden doors and frames with a coating on its exterior surface. The coating could be made from vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum, depending on the type of wood clad door. The result is a patio door that is protected from adverse weather conditions outside but still have the look and feel of real wood on the inside.

  • French Doors

French doors come in the same materials as sliding patio doors. But in addition to vinyl, wood, and aluminum, French doors may also be available in steel and fiberglass. 

French doors are set on frames and share the same characteristics of traditional entry doors. Some of them have either left or right handed in-swing or out-swing. However, you can also find French doors that swing both ways. 

Patios - Use Wicker Patio Furniture To Beautify And Enhance Your Space

Patios - Use Wicker Patio Furniture To Beautify And Enhance Your Space

The Beauty Of Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker comes from plant fibers such as rattan or weed. Weavers braid or interlace wicker around a frame to form objects usually baskets and furniture. Wicker is sturdy and features a delicate artistry. Wicker furniture brings old-fashioned elegance to any room whether indoors or outdoors. Adding wicker furniture to your patio will transform it to a luxurious and inviting space.

Typically, wicker patio furniture is crafted from loom-woven or hand-woven wicker. Today, many manufacturers make use of synthetic wicker made from woven polythene resin, a vinyl-based fiber that offers great resistance to weather. Synthetic wicker furniture pieces resemble natural hand-woven wicker pieces. 

Wicker patio furniture is made with different frames. Economical frame options are rattan or hollow bamboo. The pricey pieces feature durable teak wood frames, sturdy aluminum, or steel frames. These materials are weather and rust proof and do not absorb moisture. 

Wicker patio furniture comes in different colors such from light to deep browns even charcoal. Painted wicker furniture went through several processes including paint dipping to cover the entire furniture with paint, and finishing stages to give the piece its characteristic weathered appearance. Other finishes are available for wicker patio furniture such as unvarnished or exterior coated.

Wicker patio furniture can include dining table sets, garden chairs and benches, swings, lounge chairs, footrests, sofas, loveseats and almost any furniture you would need for your outdoor space. The typical upholstery of wicker furniture is foam cushion, which comes in your choice of color and can be covered with outdoor fabrics such as acrylic or polyester. Add accents such as toss pillows and other wicker accessories like wicker serving trays and teacarts. 

You can find diverse styles and designs in wicker patio furniture. Dine in elegant beauty with wicker dining chairs featuring stylish curves and latticework and a glass-topped dining table with artful grooves. Relax in a beautiful wicker sofa collection with seat and back cushions printed in classic floral designs or a casual stripe pattern perfect for entertaining friends. Wicker chaise lounges lets you bask in the sun in style with a sleek woven base supported by strong PVC frames. You can purchase wicker patio furniture either as fully assembled or do-it-yourself pieces. 

When buying wicker patio furniture, always inspect the pieces carefully. You want your wicker furniture to have tight weaving and a smooth splinter-free surface. With proper caring, you can enjoy your wicker patio furniture for a very long time.

Patios - The Quality And Durability Of Teak Patio Furniture Makes It Perfect For Outdoor Use

Teak Patio Furniture With such a variety of choices in life, sometimes it can be so difficult to make a choice unless one is helped and gui...