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Beefsteak Pie - Passover Food Recipe - Cooking Jewish Food

Beefsteak Pie - Passover Food Recipe - Cooking Jewish Food

Beefsteak Pie

Cut up two pounds of chuck steak; put it on to stew with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg and the juice of a lemon. 

Cook a few forcemeat balls, made very small, and a few potatoes cut in small pieces. 

Make ready a crust as follows: 

Boil four or five large floury potatoes; when done, strain and mash with salt and pepper, a little chopped parsley and a little melted fat;

Mix it with two well-beaten eggs; then put a layer of it around the bottom and sides of a deep pie-dish; 

Lay in the stew, cover with the balance of the potato; 

Brush it over with the yolk of an egg and bake in a quick oven till brown.

Excerpt From The International Jewish Cook Book By Florence Kreisler Greenbaum