Why Titanium Wedding Rings Are A Great Option For Your Big Day

One of the hottest trends in marital rings is the titanium wedding band. There is good reason for the interest in this attractive metal for the purpose of making jewelry but there are even better reasons for choosing a titanium wedding band. The symbolic meaning behind the rings and the natural properties of the metal make the material the perfect choice for newlyweds.

A titanium wedding band has unusual properties not shared by its gold, silver and platinum counterparts. The material is remarkably light but it is quite strong. The combination of lightweight materials and strength is really appealing to many who dislike wearing jewelry. Just about everyone knows someone who hates to wear jewelry of any kind. Purchasing wedding rings for these individuals can pose a great challenge.

My husband always felt annoyed when he wore his father’s gold ring. The item seemed to weigh down on his fingers and he was sensitive to the odd pressure the jewelry pushed on his skin. The irritation was really obvious and he wore the sentimental item briefly and on rare occasions. This made me decide to shop around for an alternative to the traditional gold marriage rings.

The titanium wedding band was the perfect choice for us because its lightweight nature made the ring wearable. My husband doesn’t even realize that he is wearing the ring and this is a real benefit for him. He finds heavy jewelry to be burdensome and distracting especially when he is trying to work. The titanium wedding band is nearly invisible to his sense of touch.

The metal is also very masculine as well. The color to the titanium wedding band is not quite as lustrous and shiny as its gold and silver counterparts. The finished product resembles brushed stainless steel rather than shimmering metal. This is a really attractive feature for a lot of guys who don’t really like to sparkle.

Those who do want some shine might want to consider browsing through some of the different options this metal has to offer. We were really attracted to the black titanium wedding band but the color was just too dark for the ring. However, the polished material is really eye-catching especially in the light.

The black titanium wedding band offers a glass-like finish that resembles a dark mirror. I was so drawn to this particular style that I decided to purchase a black ring for my husband’s other hand. He actually likes to wear this jewelry.  


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