What Does Jewish Belief Have To Say About Overcoming Spiritual Attacks?

In Judaism, the concept of spiritual attacks is not explicitly addressed in the same way as it may be in other religious traditions. However, Judaism does acknowledge the existence of evil forces and negative spiritual influences.

According to Jewish belief, there are spiritual entities known as "malachim" (angels) and "shedim" (demons) that can have an impact on human beings. These entities are seen as part of the spiritual realm and are subject to the will of God. Judaism teaches that God is ultimately in control of all spiritual forces, and any negative influence they may have is ultimately permitted by God for a greater purpose.

Judaism emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and the power of free will. It teaches that individuals have the ability to resist negative spiritual influences through adherence to the commandments and ethical behavior. Engaging in prayer, studying sacred texts, performing acts of kindness, and observing rituals are seen as ways to strengthen one's spiritual connection to God and protect oneself from negative spiritual attacks.

Additionally, Judaism places a strong emphasis on the power of repentance and teshuvah. By acknowledging one's mistakes, seeking forgiveness, and making amends, individuals can spiritually cleanse themselves and protect themselves from negative influences.

Overall, while Judaism acknowledges the existence of negative spiritual forces, it emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility, adherence to religious practices, and the power of repentance as means of protection and spiritual well-being.


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